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David Cameron and Mehdi Hasan

Musab, Simon, Ege and Hamza

Analysis of PoliticalSpeeches

· 6. Final Sentence

· 5. Verdict

· 4. Comparison

· 3. Mehdi Hassan

· 2. David Cameron

· 1. Introduction

Table of Contents

• society with multiple cultures • already startet in 1707, in the UK -> multinational• 2001-2009 -> 21% of UK are multicultural• 2011 -> 12% of UK are multicultural• integration in society

Introduction to Multiculturalism

  • Everyone follows the same rules
  • No culture is priviliged in contrast to other cultures
  • Diversity provides creativity and innovation
  • Different cultures are allowed to coexist and interact with each other

What makes multiculturalism special?

• claims that multiculturalism in UK has failed • makes extremists responsible, especially islamic groups (which gathered him lot of hate from muslims)• islamic extremists are often said to be the reason why multiculturalism has failed • points out that young muslims feel rootless in UK• Even though David Cameron has not lived in the muslim community in the UK he still claims that he knows how they feel -> makes him seem ignorant

David Cameron

• defends multiculturalism in UK in response to David Cameron• his father arrived in britain for work in 1965 -> he was met with extreme racism due to his indian origin• these issues are nowadays way less dramatic, in his opinion• referrs to a survey which illustrates, that british muslims are way more patriotic than other brits

Mehdi Hassan

Statistic - Gallup Poll publ. in May 2009

+ info

• first statistic: Who identifies strongly with the United Kingdom -> 1. • second statistic: Who is more likely to live in mixed areas, among people of different background-> 2.

  • does not back up his assumptions with any kind of source
  • only focuses on the current situation
  • was born in a healthy family
  • does not consider the people who are not extremists in a culture
  • uses statistics to cover his opinion
  • includes the history of multiculturalism in the UK
  • is indian which makes him unterstand the situation way more then David Cameron
  • includes other cultures as the Afro-Carribean


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