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Session 6STS, CODE University Berlin


What to do, What to consider, Q&A

1) Project/ Assessment


A You Tube vlog (or channel)

A scientific/ tech twitter/ tik tok/ instagram account

A podcast

A Tv Programme/ Series

A film (fiction or documentary)

A science or tech museum

A science cartoon/ comic/ graphic novel

A science/ tech novel

A feature published in a newspaper

#1 you will have to select ONE medium of science and technology#2 you will need to critically analyze it, in an argumentative fashion#3 focus of everything that you prepare is the medium and it’s connection to our main topic science & technology

MediaAnalysis Project

1) structural analysis - all units of a work of art/a medium (Structure, organisation, language, etc.)2) production aesthetic - historical change of structures, Contents, strategies and technics3) reception aesthetic-Personal and emotional perception of artistic works/ Media

Methods we have already used and how they have determined our analysis

• What kind of relationship between science and media does your object of analysis foster? • How is it situated in relation to the production of knowledge? What kind of participation in science does it encourage? What is its contribution in defining the cultural boundaries of science?

• What is the piece under scrutiny about? • Why did you choose it? • How does it relate to the topic of science and technology? And what makes it interesting in relation to that topic? • How does the topic apply to your chosen medium item? What does analyzing this medium enable you to claim about science?

But, whatever your method, your analysis should try and answer the following questions


· design your own medium where you can be extra creative · the idea is that you choose one topic that you would like to enlighten the public with (how does coding work? how does my studies at CODE look like? fun with data analysis, what would my exhibtion about coding look like? …


2) Science & Technology and Journalism

Where is the difference between a scientif novel and a scientif journalistic article?Consider the following keywords:languageperspectivenarration/ compositionfacts/ fiction


Two types of texts

Overturning conventional wisdom

the whole story isn't necessary

Conflict and Controversy





Media: reporting online, in print, on the radio, or on the television

"Scientists live their stories but are often afraid to tell them. By understanding how journalists perspectives and needs differ, scientists can become better storyteller. If you want to watch a journalist lean forward, remember the magic words, 'Let me tell you a story…' ". (Baron 2010, p. 61)

The Bottom Line

What makes a good science story?

Reporting online vs in print

composition/ ContentQuantity/ QualityReader/UserEffect on Scientific Discours

What is the difference btw a paper and an online magazine?

New scientist on instagram, twitter and Tik tok

Science and Social Media


· was released in 2016· user: (monthly) 1 billion

· was released in 2010· user: (monthly) 1 billion

· was released in 2006· user: 290,5 million

Tik Tok


Khor WaihoInstitute of Tropical Aquaculture and Fisheries, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

"Many current social issues stem from humanity’s struggle with nuance. Social media is not known for respecting or encouraging nuance, but science is. And if scientific discussion can add a drop of nuance to the internet, who knows how far the ripples could go."(https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abo2409)

Morgan Daly DedyoUniversity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

"Social media platforms build algorithms to display contents that maximize engagement, rewarding sensationalism and soundbites and penalizing more nuanced discourse on complex issues."(https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abo2409)