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Picture description



What is where?

Question 1/10



Wich is the second step in a picture description?

Question 2/10

on my picture you can see...

in my picture you can see...

at my picture you can see...

Which of the phrases is correct in a picture description?

There are three sentences describing the picture below.In which sentence is a mistake?

On the background there are many people.

Question 3/10

In the foreground there is a man wearing a mask.

In the center there is a sign that reads "Stand with Ukraine"

Which tense do you use to describe what people are doing in your picture?

Question 4/10

simple present

simple past

present progressive

No, I won't tell you

I don't know, sorry!

Look at the picture.Which is the correct phrase to describe the position of the jet fighter?

at the bottom

Question 5/10

at the top

in the background

Look at the picture.Choose the right sentence for a picture description!

Question 6/10

The people demonstrate.

The people are demonstrating.

The people demonstrated.

Which phrase describes the position of the cameraman correctly?

in the center there is...

Question 7/10

on top of Putin there is...

behind Putin you can see...

What shouldn't you do in your introduction?

Question 8/10

give a general description of the picture

give detailed information

tell who took/painted the picture

Which adjective is correct to describe the atmosphere in the picture?


Question 9/10



Should you tell your opinion in a picture description?

Question 10/10

yes, in the interpretation part

no, my opinion is not part of a picture description

yes, in the introduction part



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