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war of independence

Republic of ireland wanted ireland to be a big country Great Britain should have moved its army out of North Ireland

Why did it happen

Where did it happen

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On July 11 1921 an armistice began the thalks after the armistice led on december 6 1921 to signig of the anglo-Irish Treaty

by the mid-1920 Republicans were gaining control of most borough councils and british authority was collasing in most of the south and west ,forcing the british Government to introduce emergency powers

0n january 21,1919 they fromed a breakaway government and declared ireland indeprndent That day two RIC officers were killed in the solohradbeg ambush by IRAvolunteers acting on their own initiative The conflict developed gradually

The Time

It was used by the Irish Republican Army in a kind of guerrilla warfare against the British government in Ireland.

Who was involved

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