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English Presentation

Solita Lam &Nelly Stadel

Brown v. Board of education


  • End of Civil war promised social equality
  • Jim Crow laws - Educational Segregation
  • " Seperate but Equal " doctrine
  • racially seperated schools
  • students' feeling of inferiority deprived them of educational opportunities
  • NAACP encouraged African Americans to enroll their children into all white schools including Oliver Brown's daughter Linda
- all were rejected
  • 1950 Oliver Brown Filed a class-action lawsuit
- segregation by its nature was a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause
  • Federal District Court rejected

Court Case

  • 1953: 5 similar cases from diffrent states and Brown v. Board of Education went to supreme court
  • Supreme Court Argument: As Long as school facilities were made equal they are equal according to the fourteenth amendment
  • Justice Warren (NAACP):
- seperating others causes feelings of inferiority which could be permament - segregated schools could not be made equal

Court Case

  • ruling fueled the civil rights movement in the United States.
  • lead to desegregation of public places like hotels, restaurants
  • overcoming the "seperate but equal" doctrine
  • Brown v. Board foundation
  • ensuring freedom and civil rights for everyone
- still fighting against racial inequality



  • May 17th 1954: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintive
  • All school districts had to remove policies of racial segregation
  • But no certain method - changes took time

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