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The Queen as an institution for the British population

6. Sources

5. Reflection of the work and the process

3. Results of the work

2. Motivation and approach within the framework of the project

4. Extension of a thematic aspect

1. Topic of the project work


Topic of the project work

How was the topic chosen?

The Queen as an institution for the British population

I looked for a topic which is:

  • interesting
  • relevant even today
  • tangible and comprehensible
  • having potential to find out more about

Motivation and approach within the framework of the project

Why was the topic chosen and how was it worked?

implementation of my topic:

  • problem oriented working
  • To what extent does the queen manage to keep the monarchy alive?

factors for the choice of my topic:

  • general interest in the royalty
  • the Queen's impact on the world
  • contradiction between monarchy and democracy in the 21st century

Results of the work

What is the result of the work?

Definition of key terms:

  1. institution- most important form of social order- explicit will to rule- institutions represent the unchangeable basic forms of human behavior, feeling, acting and willing
  2. democracy- rule of all- based on the equality of the citizens of the state
  3. monarchy- rule of an individual in the state- a single individual is the exclusive or mostly preeminent bearer of state power for life on the basis of the state constitution
  • Queen Elizabeth II. is a democratic institution
  • Queen Elizabeth II. is a monarch
  • monarchy ≠ democracy

Results of the work

Queen Elizabeth II. is the social bond / Kitt which holds together the British population

How is this possible?

  • Queen Elizabeth II. has no political power (has a representative function, celebrates next love)
  • Queen Elizabeth II. has put her life in service of the British population
  • For this, the most important attribute is authenticity

Queen Elizabeth II.

" Mein ganzes Leben dem Dienst an Ihnen und an der imperialen Familie zu widmen "

Extension of a thematic aspect

I. The media in relation to the Royal Family

The social bond / Kitt Queen Elizabeth II. provides could get weakened

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the media presence in the Royal Family?


  • The more the Royal Family lets the media get to it, the more it loses its mystique and the aura of mystery
  • Danger of fake news increases


  • tourists come to the country through curiosity (economic advantage)
  • Royal Family becomes more tangible (sensationalism is satisfied)

Extension of a thematic aspect

II. Protests against visit of Commonwealth member states of Prince William and Duchess Kate (March 2022)

On the occasion of the platinum jubilee (70 years) of Queen Elizabeth II., William and Kate planned to visit Commonwealth member state Belize.

  • protests of villagers (cocoa plantation in carribean Belize)
  • visit was canceled

Why were they not welcomed?

  • the territory of Belize originated in 1961 from the colony of British Honduras
  • former colonialism in this state
  • dispute over communal land rights
  • Royal couple still accused of colonialism

Reflection of the work and the process

What worked well in the work process and where were there difficulties?

negative aspects

  • no fitting English literature
  • only English biographies (fictional parts), unsuitable for scientific work
  • research status for source situation only

positive aspects

  • good time management
  • lending literature early
  • distribution of work
  • practicing source criticism


List of sources

  • Prinz William und Herzogin Kate unerwünscht: Proteste gegen Besuch. URL: https://www.watson.de/unterhaltung/royals/228733622-royals-prinz-william-und-herzogin-kate-unerwuenscht-proteste-bei-karibik-besuch
  • Fuchs, Konrad; Raab, Heribert: Wörterbuch der Geschichte. 12th edition. Munich 2001.
  • Borger, Sebastian: Die Monarchie ist unsere demokratischste Institution. In: Interview mit Andre Gimson. URL: https://www.derstandard.at/story/2000021887259/queen-rekord-unsere-demokratischste-institution. (accessed on 11.12.21)

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