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Fashion Week

The growing improtance of fashion tourism :

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The influence of the fashion industrie


Is shopping a real tourism motivator?


How does it work?


The constituents of fashion tourism


History of fashion week


The top destinations


The rise of fashion tourism


What is fashion tourism?



A niche segment of the market that mixes creative, cultural and shopping tourism all together. It can be defined as the interaction between trade associations, tourism suppliers and host communities.

What is Fashion Tourism?

International cities are increasingly using the cultural industries for the development of tourism and other industries to boost their economic fortune and to position themselves in the global market. There is often no need for cities to specialize in any new activity but rather to diversify their economy and it is in this context that fashion tourism has been adopted and promoted in cities such as Antwerp, London and Tokyo.

THe Rise of Fashion tourism

Harsh S., May 2018

The modern tourist is no longer only attracted by the sands and seas of the typical tourism packages.

Fashion Tourism

The Constituents of

Iconic Brands

Big Events

Constant Marketing

How does it work?

How much influence does the fashion industry have on tourism?

Is shopping a real tourism motivator?

Influence and Motivation

Every passing year it seems like shopping cities are making it to the top preferred holiday destinations.

It's less about “the chic” of buying from the point of origin and more about the economic interest of each individual

The Top Destinations

Milan, Italy

Paris, France

New York City, USA

One of history's first signs of a fashion week, or seasonal collection, can be traced back to fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth. The concept of fashion week began in Paris, when marketers used to hire women to wear couture items in public places, from racetracks to beauty salons.

History of fashion week

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There are primarily two kinds of shows, those of womenswear and menswear. There are also shows particular to each location. For example, most haute couture shows are held in Paris, while most business and sales oriented shows and some haute couture shows take place in New York

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