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Reading the story "I'm a mudlark"

How do you like the story?

Watching a video.

Writing workshop.

Start here.

Understanding the text.







This is a mudlark. It's a bird and it usually picks shiny objects from the mud when the tide is low in the Thames. Read the text and find out about the kid's adventure with a different kind of mudlark...

Now read part B. What do you learn about Mike? Write down important words or draw Mike and label (beschriften) him. If you want to listen to the audio, here it is! part B

Carry on with part C of the text. Copy the gap text and fill in the gaps. Mike tells the kids about___________________. In the 19th century, when the _________ went out, people ________________on the ___________ of the Thames for things to________. Today they are _________________. They look for _________________in the mud, fest for ___________! Mike shows the kids some ________________ in his bucket: an old ___________ and a green ________________, a _______ _________ and a ___________________. Here is the link to the audio: part C

Read part D now. Then make questions from these sentences: 1. They are looking for things in the mud. 2. They find a euro coin, an old key, a shoe and a coconut. 3. They have to go because the tide is coming in. The audio version: part D

Read the last part of the story and write four sentences about what happens. Use your own words. The audio version is here, if you like! part E

Find a partner and talk about the story. Say what you liked, didn't like, what you found interesting or not so interesting. Record your conversation and send it to me, please.

Check your understanding of the whole story. Open your workbook on p. 37 and do no. 25 and 26.

With a partner make a grid about mudlarks in the past and today. Decide who finds information about what. Then write down the information and then tell your partner about it. Mudlarks in the 19th century Modern mudlarks............ Press the "eye" button to compare your results with the solution. Add things you forgot in your grid.

Come and see me. We are going to talk about why Amir threw his bracelet back into the Thames.

This part is all about writing. Choose from 1-3. 1. Write the conversation between Jay and his mum when he gets home. Jay tells her why his shoes are muddy. 2. Imagine you are a mudlark in the 19th century. Write a diary entry of a very successful day at the shore. 3. For each part of the story find 6-8 key words. Then write a summary for each part and use the key words. Upload your text in Mrs Wehmeier's chat.

Read the first part of the story and then answer these questions: 1. Where are the four friends? 2. Whose silver bracelet is it? 3. Why does it fall into the Thames? 4. Where do they see the bracelet? Write the questions and answers (in a whole sentence, please!) into your folder. If you like you can listen to the audio of the story: part A