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Iran nuclear crisis

4. Solving attempts & How realistic is a solution?

3. International organizations involved

2. Parties involved

1. Background



  • suspicions about Irans nuclear program
  • -->lead to JCPOA in 2010 with P5 +1
  • Pres. Trump withdrew US from deal in 2018
  • -->Iran began ignoring limitations on nuclear program

Parties involved

  • Iran
  • United States
  • P5+1 & EU (JCPOA-Deal)

International organizations involved

  • UN; IAEA; EU not able to solve alone
  • 3 groups of states - E3; EU3; EU3+3 widely seen as having contributed to the diplomatic solution
  • Trump withdrew US from deal--> Iran ignoring nuclear limitations

Solving attempts & How realistic is a solution?

  • Iran nuclear deal (2015)
  • Iran hasn't stuck to it
  • U.S. left the deal
  • Sanctions on Iran (Oil, Banking)
  • Talks about reviving JCPOA

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