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Presented by Yousra, Selin, Louis and Gabriel

The author of Notes from the Midnight Driver

Jordan Sonnenblick

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His inspirationwhy did jordan decide to open first chapter sad?Drums, Girls& Dangerous Pie reference

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Why did Jordan decide to become a novelist?


Yousra, Selin,, Gabriel, Louis

the novel NftMD

His books

the role of music

About Jordan

Personal Life

- was born July 4th 1969 in Fort Leanard Wood Missouri- is an english teacher for 14 years (3 years in Texas, 11 years at the Hackettstown- loves to play guitar, bass and drums- he likes to read and study different languages-has written 11 novels- Frank McCourt has thaught him writting lesson and made him a good author- after graduation he married his wife and moved to pennsylvania with his 2 childrenSchools he went to:- New York City´s Stuyvesant High School (1987)- majored english on the University of Pennsylvania

About Jordan

ex-Teacher, Author of books for children and young adults

Jordan Sonnenblick

  • Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie (2004)
  • Notes From the Midnight Driver (2006)
  • Zen and the Art of Faking It (2007)
  • Dodger and Me (2008)
  • Dodger for President (2009)
  • Dodger for Sale (2010)
  • After Ever After (2010)
  • Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip (2012)
  • Are You Experienced? (2013)
  • Falling Over Sideways (2016)
  • The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade (2017)

His Books:

  • His grandfather was a writer and inspired him to become a writer too
  • was so impressed noticing his grandfathers name on the spine of the book, so he also made it in his books

Childhood Inspiration

  • used to read a lot of different book genres
  • mostly read fantasly, science fictons and comic books.
  • A fantasy novel '' The Dark is Rising'' inspired him to become a novelist

Why did Jordan decide to become a novelist?

  • his first novel
  • wrote for his student whose brother was battling with cancer

Who inspired the author for his first book?

Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie

  • Alex and Jordan have same favorite baseball team NY Yankees
  • Both parents are divorced which made Jordan insecure and withdraw for 6 months
Jordan's relation to this novel
  • Alex had to take care of a dying person
  • so they attract the readers into reading more into the story why he has to take care of a dying person

Why did Jordan decide to open the first chapter of the novel sad?

  • Steven and Annette are the main characters, who play drums in a band in D,G&DP who are also mentioned in the novel Notes from the Midnight Driver as couple who played in Alexs concert

Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie reference

His inspirations

  • his grandfather got really sick and he had to fly to florida to be with him in the hospital
  • his name is also Soloman and is jewish like that character Sol in the novel
  • inspired by his troubled student who was treating his substitue teacher horribly
  • made him write an apology, but wrote a weasely excuse note instead

The Novel ''Notes from the Midnight driver''

  • Music and Melody play a significant role of NftMd because jordan playing jazz was what he loved when he was a teenager
  • Sonnenblick always wished someone would write a teen book that nailed down how he felt when he plays the drums
  • Alex express a level of Interest in Music
  • a large part of his development takes place after he builds a relationship with people (Sol) who are more interested in music than he is.

The Role of Music in NftMD

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