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by Nora and Klara

Love in India


Interfaith marriage

Organizations who help couples

Love Commando —> existing for 6 years —> Work on voluntary basis —> workers are couples (from different religion, money status and caste) —> Because of that the workers got attacked multiple times

Marriage outside of their own caste

Actual love in India

Survey from 2014 (more than 70.000 participants) —> Less than 5% had someone in their families —>Disapproved by society

Information from a survey in 2018 (research in over 160 000 households) 3% actual love marriages 2% love-cum-arranged marriages (—> Relationships set up, but couple decided to get married themselves) 93% arranged marriages —> decreases very slow over time History of of arranged marriages in India 500 b.C : Rise of Verdic Hindu culure —> very strict rules for women (little to no independence) —> Consent in marriage became less important —> Arranged marriage became the favored type of marriage

Caste —> Born into —> Determine social status —> 1950 officially banned because of discrimination —> only official, residents still think with caste system From 70.000 people less than 10% had someone in their family that married outside their caste



Ram & Nita

fiancées (Ram & Nita) - Nita: prostitute at a brothel - Ram's first real love - want to marry - Nita's brother wants a huge sum of money for her freedom

Prakash & Arvind

Brothers (Prakash & Arvind) - should love each other - Arvind cared for Prakash: gave him a job at his company - Praksh started to torture Prakash with a voodoo doll, so he could take over the company - his wife wanted money

Prakash & Julie

wife & husband (Prakash & Julie) - start -> exchange: sex for permit to stay in the US - later married - julie "manipulated" him into betraying his brother - Prakash wanted a divorce

Prakash & Jyotsna

"soulmates" (Prakash & Jyotsna) - Prakash's new secretary - the reason Prakash wanted to divorce Julie

Swapna & Shankar

mother & son (Swapna Devi & Julie) - Swapna threw Shankar out -> strangers - Shankar still loves her - let's her son die -> money for rabies treatment

Ram & Shankar

great friends (Ram & Shankar) - platonic love - doesn't care about Shankar's speech impediment - devastated after Shankar's death

Lajwanti's sister & fiance

fiancées (Lajwanti’s sister & fiance) - arranged marriage - only superficial characteristics/strangers - Latjwanti gets arrested -> stole money for the wedding/dowry


Nita & her brother

brother & sister (Nita & brother) - her pimp - treats her like an object - wants 400 00 rupees for her

Prince Khuram & Mumatz

husband & wife (Prince Khuram & Mumatz) - legend of Taj Mahal - wife died in childbirth - token of her beauty and their love


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