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The Primary School No.16 in Rybnik

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About us


A few years ago our school has celebrated its 80th birthday and we celebrated this moment! The jubilee of our school was a significant event for the local community.

Our school is located in Rybnik., it's in the south of Poland. Here is a picture of our school taken by drone. Rybnik it's a great place to live in with lots of facilities for young people. Our school is an eighty-year public school, which realizes the goals and tasks resulting from the law, educational and preventive program of the school adapted to the developmental needs of students.

About us

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The Primary School No.16 is a school with tradition

The teaching staff of our school are perfectly educated and experienced teachers who love their work. All teachers, educators are prepared to diagnose the needs, talents and strengths of students. They constantly improve their qualifications, take part in many trainings, workshops and trips abroad, the Erasmus + programme enabling participation in international exchanges.

The teaching staff

How we teach?

Our priority is to make sure that the school is child-friendly, that it helps the child in his or her comprehensive development and creates the conditions for discovering their talents and interests

We promote universal values: empathy, humanitarianism, tolerance.

We cherish the idea of ​​volunteering.

We promote a healthy lifestyle.

We teach respect for tradition, history and cultural identity.


"I have a lot of friends here"

I feel comfortable here"

"I feel at home”

Students about us

We provide the best conditions for learning and development thanks to a modern didactic and sports base. In our large gym we can play basketball, volleyball and hockey. Outside there is a big school playground with football field. We have a modern treadmill and there is also playground.


We have a lot of interesting and diffrent school trips.


Our school is not only LEARNING but also having FUN




  • Awards won for specific activities or subject contests
  • Participation in sports competitions
  • Scholarships

Our achievements

School promotional video


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