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Presentation by Rena, Vicy and Lara

05. Greenpeace organisations around the world

04. Success Storys

03. Main Tasks/ Goals

06. Quote

02. Structure of the Organisation

01. General Informations


-- founded in 1971->Vancouver, Canada -- members: around 3 million worldwide -- headquarters: Amsterdam, Niederlande -- transnational political lobby and non-profit organization -- are committed to environmental, nature and climate protection

General Informations:

->carry out their actions and campaigns independently

„Stichting Greenpeace Council“

-the highest decision-making body is the Stichting Greenpeace Council=>is made up of representatives of the country offices ->coourdinates the international campaigns, public relations and the fleet and monitors the activities of the national offices

Country Offices

->acts globally Since 1989 -> international headquarters in Amsterdam => coordinate international campaigns =>coordinate with 28 country offices

Centrally Organized:

Structure of the Organisation:

Main Tasks or Goals

- Investigate and expose environmental crimes- work with scientists to conduct scientific research- document environmental problems- lobby governments and industries and take part in global negotiations- take creative, non-violent actions- seek out and promote sustainable solutions for our environmental problems- educate and engage the publicGOALS:- Protect biodiversity- Prevent pollution and abuse of our oceans, land, air and water- End nuclear threats- Promote peace and global disarmament


Title 3

Title 1

3 examples of their success story

London made it's ultra-low emissions zone 18 times bigger than before, after Greenpeace investigations showed thousands of children were exposed to illegal pollution levels.



Greenpeace and many others have pushed UK politicians to build a world-leading offshore wind industryThousands of turbines are now harnessing powerful ocean winds, the government recently promised to power every home in the UK with offshore wind energy within a decade


Greenpeace detects microplastics in numerous cosmetics, especially eye make-up, lip gloss and lipsticks. They are now appealing to companies to refrain from using microplastics on a voluntary basis

Africa, Andino, Aotearoa, Australia (Pacific), Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Central & Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, East Asia, European Unit, France-Luxembourg, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Mediterranean, Mexico, Middle East & North Africa, Netherlands, Nordic, Russia, Southeast Asia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA

Greenpeace organisationsin the World

Brigitte Behrens, former Germany boss of Greenpeace

“We can exert pressure, we can make suggestions. But social change requires the participation of everyone.”