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literary task

Catcher In The Rye

2. symbols

1. Disscusion

1.1 average teenager?

3. sourcers

1.2 a jerk?


- uses typical teenager slang- breaks rules- rebellious-experiments-Problems in school, with parents-dreams about -independence -sexual encounters

Holden Caulfield is an average teenager

Holden Caulfield is an average teenager

- unresponsible consume (alcohol, drugs)-analyses & judges poeple -mental problems-dissatisfied with whole world- wants to find religion/ where he belongs


Holden Caulfield is a jerk

- evident dislike for most people- was kicked out of school (multiple times)- screwed (lost football equipment)- heavy smoker- doesnt care about other people- mental propblems -aggression issues (attacking people)- desperate behavior without much explanation

Holden Caulfield is a jerk

- sexual interests in older woman and prostitutes- isolation and loneliness because of self- imposed alienatation- constant lying-->mark of immaturity and imbalance - extreme agitation --> increasing distance from reality- desperate need for love- mentally confused (hits on two woman and then breaks into tears)

Holden uses a really rude language with a lot of curse words.

language of Holden

- p.11: "I had to [...] listen to that crap."- p.12: "I don´t think I´ll ever forgive him for reading me that crap out loud."- p.13: "One of the biggest reasons I left Elkton hills was because I was surrounded by phonies."- p.25: "I wouldn´t let you in my goddam family."- p.25: "What the hell it´s doing out, snowing?"- p.29: "The leading man can´t go on. He´s drunk as a bastard."- p.35: "[...] in my stupid life."- p.42: "The hell he did, the bastard." - p.81: "You´re goddam right I am, you dirty crooked bastard."- p.93: "[..] goddam dirty moron."

language of Holden

Nevertheless we think, that every person has experienced or will experience a situation with an own negative mindset and a very questionable language and attitude.

average teenager: - rebellious & depressed- a lot of problemsa jerk:- very pesimistic- isolates himself from the society--> his rude language and his disrespectful mindset towards others

own opinion

"Holden a jerk or an average teenager?"

metaphors & symbols

Museum of Natural History

Ducks in Central Park Lagoon

the red hunting hat

alcohol & cigarettes

Allie´s Baseball mitt

Cathcher in the Rye

the Carousel


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