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The Game2Winter competition takes a step out into uncharted territories of TV history and reality TV shows. Uncharted territories were nothing that scared off the vikings back in 800 AD [v. Chr.]. That is why this Swedish viking will take on the task to show the Russians that we are not afraid and that we can stand the heat and pressure of the cold loneliness that the Siberian taiga has to offer.Therefore this is my application for Game2Winter - and so a Swedish Viking has entered the game...We all have a purpose with our lives. Some live in abundance. Others are just happy they have a job while strive to find someone to love and to be loved. I know what it means to struggle. I live on the edge of my financial capability. I try to make things better for other people and for our planet. For as long as I can remember I love nature and outdoor activities. I love adventures and exploration to challenge and span my horizon and view of the world. I live to explore and challenge myself at all areas in live. My goal is to inspire others to find their purpose in life. I know my purpose for joining Game2Winter. Now, tell me yours.

Mats David Goldberg

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What parallels are there between the Hunger Games and our world?

Could something like this happen?


District 12


Third World

First World

We are just as fragile and insecure as the people in reality TV or other (fictional) shows.

Message III

Don't be like the people in the Capitol: don't be ignorant, uncaring and detached.

Message II

Pay attention to how you watch and experiecne reality TV and violence in fictional shows or games.

Message I

Thank you!

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