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Welcome to my presentation

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Short Story

My dream job:Criminal police

What do you do as a criminal police ?

  • Investigate crime scenes
  • Save evidences (beweise)
  • Interview witnesses and victims
  • Search for the offenders
  • Want to find out the truth
  • Solving crimes
  • Arresting criminals

Murder file

Picture from the crime scenes


Evidences: Thinks like phone, lipstick...


You need a Graduation

After that you can apply for a criminal police

3 Years at a police college

How to become a criminal police officer?

Step 3

Step 2

Step 1

Helicopter police

K 9

Office police


Horse police

Federal police

Police category

Which category you like the most ?

How much do you earn ?


One year


One month

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Working hours

A week

40 hours

Started; Komissar Rex

Why I would be criminal police officer?

I like to figuring out, why this is happened

I like solving cases

Childhood career dream

Or a simply murder ?

Was that an accident?

Does it have a backstory?

United Kingdom

The Mayor´s Office for Policing and Crime