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Mudchute Farm


Check your pronouns!!

c) his

b) he

a) him

That's my brother over there. Can you see...?

c) me

b) my

a) I

I'm hungry. Can you give ... a biscuit?

c) it

b) they

a) them

My rabbits are cute. Let's give ... some water.

c) you

b) us

a) me

My sister and I go to the farm. Do you want to come with ...?

c) you

b) her

a) she

My sister is crazy. Do you know ...?

c) me

b) them

a) it

Mudchute Farm? Do you spell ... with a C?

c) you

b) they

a) her

Ms Schmitt, can I give ... my homework?

c) She

b) Them

a) They

Lou and Tony are mice.... are very cool.

c) she

b) you

a) her

Lucy, I can show ... a photo of the rabbits.

c) We

b) Them

a) Us

... can all go to Mudchute together.