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April 2022

GraduationProject help?

SAT Info

This month's theme is:

Need some dinner table talking points?Share fun facts about your family history.Ask your child: What makes you unique?


There is so much to celebrate in April!

ACT Info

  • April 1: End of MP3 (Seriously, it's not a joke!)
  • April 10: PV Woods
: Senior Project Video Presentatios are due!
  • April 30: Tree Planting Event

Looking forward

  • AP Exams are May 2 - 13
  • Career Study is May 16 - June 3

April Dates

Please check your course requests!

10th Grade

9th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

  • Scholarships

  • Visit Colleges

  • Ursinus Dual Enrollment

  • Get involved!

  • Driver's Education

  • College Athletics (NCAA)

http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/Student_Resources/CBSA.pdf http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/DI_and_DII_Worksheet.pdf

  • Working Papers

  • MC3 Dual Enrollment

  • Take the SATs


  • Apprenticeship/ Unions

  • Part-Time Employment

  • Career Study

Red HouseMelissa Felty, A-Kmfelty@pvsd.orgx2016Amanda Conlan, L-Zaconlan@pvsd.orgx2013

Blue HouseCarla Zielinski, A-Kczielinski@pvsd.orgx2007Dorie Sobeck, L-Zdsobeck@pvsd.orgx2006

White HouseLuke Seymour, A-Klseymour@pvsd.orgx2046Joan Burger, L-Zjburger@pvsd.orgx2009