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Irishopoly by Verónica Alonso is licensed under Creative Commons


IRISHOPOLY by Verónica Alonso Valido is licensed under a Creative Commons


First, watch the video by clicking on the flag. Then, pick a token , place it in the corner marked "GO" and throw the dice. Move the number indicated in the dice and answer the question indicated in the space. If the answer is right you can stay there.Otherwise, you will have to move back to your previous space and wait for your next turn.If you land on the "Luck of the Irish" space you will roll the wheel and get some benefits. If you land on the "Jail" space you miss a turn. If you land on the "Parking" space you just wait there until your next turn. If you land on the "Go to jail"space you go back to jail. OBJECT OF THE GAMEBe the first to reach the "GO" corner again after one round.


Roll the dice

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