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Villa Escape



you are locked in a creepy villa after thinking that you got invited by your friend to have a sleepover at his house. now a voice tells you: 2you are locked with me and if you get one of my 4 riddles wrong then you are going to be locked in here FOR ever!!!!" you are scared and don't know if you should agree.




You refuse to answer the weird voice#s riddles, "Well", the voice says,"then get ready for your life in this villa! MUhahaha!!!" You never escaped the villa.

You died

overthink your answer

1. question

"my first question!", the voice says,"is going to be easy..."

The fest of spooky and creepy things is...




question 2

"You answerd the first question preety quick, now let me ask you something harder."

who is the for origin for jack o'lanterns?

jack skellington

jack the czar of halloween

Jack Oldfield

question 3

you notice that the voice is getting afraid, you get new courage and are ready for the next question "okay s-so your ne-next quest-questio-question is veryyyyyy hard! ha-have fun! haha"

"what is the date of the movie from jason vhoose?"

31th of october

April 14

friday the 13th

question 4

you suddenly realize that this is the last question you are convinced that you can do it.

"you are smarter than i thought! well then tell me when did the 1st halloween come out?"

31th of october (halloween)

25. Oktober 1978

30. Oktober 1981


"muhahaha!!!" ,the voice laughs, "now you will never see parets again!"you try to escape often but the doors are locked and you never see your parents again.

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back to the 1. question

You made it!

you answerd all the questions right

the end:

at first the voice didn't want to let you go but suddenly you heard a knock at the door. your parents! and the police? they go up the stairs and come beck with a man, is that the voice? later on you find out that your parents got suspisions and called the police. the voice or the man is actualy famous kidnapper and because you did the quiz the police had enough time to get to the villa.




Villa escape

this is a little escape room that was made by selma, it was a lot of work so please ecause the few questions. have fun bye!