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The Media

Pro and Con

Differnt types of media

Social Behavior

Role of Media


Social Thought

What is Media


  • Media includes every broadcasting and narrowcasting Medium such as newspaper, magazines, TV, radio, telephones and Internet
  • The role of Media is to inform, educate, entertain, influence people
  • Today we got most of our Informations through a complex system of media technologies.

WHat is media

The role of media is to

Different types of


Increasing trust with Stranges

Comparing our lives to others

Thinking we have so many friends

By making us sad seeing people have fun

Social media affecting ouR social thought

Sometimes eating haabits

Difficulty communication

Affects our sleep



Social media affecting our social behavior



  • Fake news are threading societies around the world
  • Cyber mobbing
  • Social pressure and loss of reality
  • Can Control emotions without us knowing it
  • You know whats going on in the world
  • freedom of expression
  • You can earn money via Social Media
  • You can learn a lot on Social Media

Pros and Cons

  • user- generated content ( blogs, wiki, tweets)
  • crowdsourcing ( using an online community to get informations)
  • viral marketing (encurage consumers to share informations online)
  • convert advertising
  • advertaiment

Important VocaBulary