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The Prohibition

The relationships beetween the three characters


The effect of prohibition


People who attend the speakeasy


The first shop they entered


The atmospher of Speakeasy


The place of Women



Gatsby and Mr. Caraway entered in a barber shop. Here, they met up with Mr. Wolfshiemen knocked at a secret door, wich open in front of them on stairs what go down in a secret place.

The first shop they entered

It is a secret place underground, they are many people, music and noise. People are playing card game, fighiting themselves because of alcohol they are drinking. Women and men are allowed to stay in the same place. Everyone know each others, especially Mr Gatsby and Wolfshiem.

The atmospher of the speakeasy

Gatsby is the link and friend of evrybody.

Jay Gatsby

He is the youger of the three men. He is Gatsby's friend and meet for the first time Mr. Wolfshiem who give him a frosty reception.

Mr Carraway

The relationships betwewn the three main characters

He is an old friend of Gatsby, they blinked take a glass together and embrace .

Meyer Wolfshiem

Women are on the speakeasy to serve and entertain men. They are like objects. However some women who belong be a hight social rank can take place on speakeasies.

The place of women

Not everybody can attend the speakeasy. They must beloug to a certain social rank. To have a ring, because without they can't barn the exitence of speakeasy. They must have money because the alcohol is not free. The most part of people are gentleman.

The people who attend the speakeasy

The prohibition is not respected. The speakeasy go against the law. No drinking, sellin and transportation of alcohol. In speakeasy ther are traffics drinking.... men are finally drunk aud they fight each other

The problem is that they consom more than if it was legal ansd if there are problem nobody can interve.

The effect of Prohibition