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The use of different media in school

Types of media


My point of view


pros of media use

cons of media use

Benefits of media



Types of media to use for the lessons in school









Do you think that the use of media in school lessons is good or bad?Why do you think like that?


My point of view

  • The use of media gives the teacher much more possebilities to make the lessons atractive for students
  • With the use of media the children learn use the internet for thier researches
  • The use of media helps students form other countries to understand the tasks and computers make the translation very easy

Benefits of media use in school

Pros and cons of media use in school

  • More possebilities to create interactive lessons
  • things you write in the lesson cant get lost in your school bag
  • you dont have to carry al your books and folders to school every day
  • it is good for our planet when we dont have to use so much paper anymore

Pros of media use

  • Devices can be very expensive
  • if there is no internet in the school the use of media is not possible
  • families with less money could have problems to pay the devices if they are´nt payed by the school
  • children with cheaper or older divices could get bullied
  • if the device is not charged or if it is broken the student has trouble to learn properly
  • your dog cant have eaten your homework :-)

Cons of media use

  • Many rooms were specially equipped with media devices
  • economics and technology were a focus when the school was foundet
  • By linking school, business and technology, the students are offered a special learning experience
  • Many classes have special subjects in which the use of media and technology is trained

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