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Musical Idioms

Kill time

b) John is ________________________ because he just listens to The Beatles all day.

c) Mike arrived to the stadium too early, so he had to __________________________ before the game started.

a) If I could _______________________, I wouldn't have done what I did.

2- Complete the sentences with the idioms from exercise 1

1- Match the idioms and their meanings:

a) To go back to the past. b) Do something not particularly interesting to pass time. c) Being old fashioned.

1- Kill time ( )2- Turn back the hands of time ( )3- Behind the times ( )

Edited music video

1- Think of one word to complete the sentences below. Then listen to the song and compare.

a six-pack of beer

this person is barefoot

1) You can hide the TV full of stations that tell you how to ____________.2) Being rich was ___________ and a cheap six-pack.3) Yeah, the shine of a new summer, barefoot baseball with my ____________


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