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Tricia Fuglestad

I have over 20 Transdigital lessons. These are lessons that are both physical and digital. Some include augmented reality. Explore here:

  • Snowman Story Green Screen Lesson
  • Monster Construction Paper Collage Bundle
  • Green Screen Stop Motion Animation
  • Emotional Robots SEL Lesson and Poster Set (augmented reality robot pouf and t-shirt)
  • Augmented Reality Kindness Posters Lesson
  • Color Monster Lesson- Create, Animate, and Express Feelings
  • Animated Snow Globe
  • Clay Fish with Stop Motion Animation
  • Cardboard Robot Stop-Motion Animation
  • Stop-Motion Animation Packet
  • Hologram Animation Lesson
  • Collaborative Rotoscope Animation
  • Haunted ARt Halloween Activity
  • Carousel Horse Painting and Animating
  • Entering The Scream with Green Screen
  • Veggie Monster Digital Collage Lesson
  • Lima Bean Monster AR Book Cover (freebie)
  • I'M HERE-Art + Tech + SEL + Friendship Lesson
  • Cityscapes with UV lights
  • Dot Day AR Color Wheel
  • Color Mixing Bubbling Beakers
  • Giraffes CAN Dance
  • Animated Still Life with Hot Chocolate
  • Stop Motion Creativity Challenge

  • George Washington Portrait Drawing Step-by-step Lesson
  • Monochromatic Fish with Visual Texture
  • Create a Wild Thing Bundle
  • Pumpkin Patch Landscape Art Lesson
  • Apple Still Life Art Project for Elementary Students
  • 3/4 Pose Self-Portrait Step-by-Step Lesson
  • Keith Haring Action Pose Template and Directions
  • How to Draw Olive, the Other Reindeer
  • Rotational Symmetry Playing Card Portrait Paintings
  • Drawing & Painting Lesson
  • Light Up Paper Circuit Robot Painting
  • Self-Portrait Kindergarten Painting Step-by-Step Powerpoint
  • Self-Portrait Play and Create Bundle (preK-2nd)
  • The Scream Painting Lesson Inspired by Edvard Munch
  • Corduroy Inspired Teddy Bear Painting Bundle for Remote Learning and In-Person
  • Seascape Mayflower Painting Lesson with Thanksgiving Resources
  • iPaint: Pop Art Cartoon Cell Painting from Photograph
  • Monochromatic Hearts Valentine's Day Painting
  • Cardboard Pablo Picasso-Styled Abstract Portraits
  • Patterned Figure Drawing PowerPoint Lesson
  • White Spot Inspector Powerpoint Lesson and Fugleflicks Movie
  • How to Draw a Carousel Horse Handout
  • How to Draw an Abstract Cat in the Style of Laurel Burch
  • Appalachian Mountain Landform Landscape in Monochromatic Palette
  • Self-Portrait in Step by Step Handout
  • Cityscape in One-Point Perspective (optional glow with UV & black light)
  • Color Mixing Bubbling Beakers
  • Face or Vase? Figure-Ground Illusion
  • American Gothic Spoof Guide
  • Exquisite Corpse Collaborative Game with Cardboard boxes
  • Giraffes CAN Dance
  • Still Life with Hot Chocolate

  • iPad Animation Figure Drawing Art Lesson and Tutorial on Doink
  • Lima Bean Monsters: Animated GIFs Literacy & Art Lesson for iPads
  • Green Screen Stop Motion Animation to Show Movement over Art
  • Man of Steel: Art, Symbolism, and Character Lesson
  • Wild Things Bookmark Making Guide and template
  • Simple Monster Animation Video
  • The Scream Painting Lesson Inspired by Edvard Munch
  • Hologram Animation Lesson
  • Collaborative Rotoscope Animation Lesson
  • Fish Painting and Animation Lesson
  • Stop-Motion Animation Packet
  • Superhero Silhouette: iPad Art and Character Education Graphic Design
  • It's Not Christina's World Anymore iPad Art, Photography, & Writing Lesson
  • iPaint ~ Graphic Design Art Project
  • Make an iPod or iTunes Ad iExpress Project
  • Color Mixing Bubbling Beakers
  • Giraffes CAN Dance
  • Animated Still Life with Hot Chocolate
  • Stop Motion Animation Collaborative Creativity Challenge

Clay Fish Clay Penguin Clay Snowman Clay Bear Stop Motion Animation Clay Snowman Progression Creativity Challenge

48 Fugleflicks in one interactive eBook made by kids for kids to creatively and engagingly teach some about art. Great for early finishers.

  • Art Institute Scavenger Hunt
  • Art Institute Bingo
  • Connect a Concept
  • JeopARTy
  • Pin the Feature on the Face
  • Fugleflicks Film Festival (Scan & View)
  • Drag, Drop & Draw a Portrait
  • Visual Literacy Roll and Draw Game
  • Guess Something Visual Literacy and Spelling Game
  • Haunted ARt Activity
  • Color Mix and Mingle Icebreaker Active Learning Game
  • Dot Day Augmented Reality Color Wheel Activity
  • SPOOF-o-MATIC for the American Gothic Painting
  • Exquisite Corpse Collaborative Game with Cardboard Boxes
  • Stop Motion Animation Collaborative Creativity Challenge

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Take this self-paced workshop to learn a fun lip-sync stop-motion animation technique to help your students learn phonics, practice communication, and have (fugle)fun! Take this deep dive course to learn all the steps and best practices needed to teach students how to paint an apple still life. This is great for elementary teachers who want to teach young students art. Take the FREE course to learn how to make a monster then make it move with simple drawn animation steps using FREE apps (Brushes Redux and ezgif.com).

I have over a dozen lego mural designs available: bit.ly/fuglefunlegos Martin Luther King Jr Harriet Tubman Frederick Douglass Rosa Parks Jackie Robinson Barack Obama Oprah Winfrey Katherine Johnson Amanda Gorman Faith Ringgold George Washington Carver Louis Armstrong Amanda Gorman Mona Lisa Mural Marilyn Monroe Pop Art

Hi! I'm Tricia Fuglestad, K-5 art teacher in Illinois with a MATL in K-12 tech integration. I've been creating transdigital (blended digital and physical) lessons to expand the curriculum, give students an opportunity to explore new media, and find transformative ways for students to demonstrate learning dynamically. My work is featured in educational publications and higher education textbooks, My students’ Fugleflicks, student-created, art-related videos have screened at international film festivals and won national awards. They're collected in an interactive eBook for all to enjoy! I has been recognized with many state and national awards for technology innovation and dedication to art education. I'm currently working on an augmented reality social emotional learning children's book called PETER o'Meter, about a robot who becomes emotional when his buttons are pushed. Follow me on my journey of writing, illustrating, and animating at at Fuglefun.com https://linktr.ee/fuglefun @TriciaFuglestad (Twitter) @Fuglefun (IG) View my awards

Take a PEEK behind the scenes with me as I work on my first augmented reality SEL book called PETER o"Meter. It's about a robot who becomes emotional when his buttons are pushed. I just signed my book contract and will be sharing my experience each step of the way on my blog.