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You deepened your understanding of your own emotions and learnt how to better express your emotions to others.

You learnt to take initiative to try new things and seek out novelty.

You learnt how to adopt a constructive attitude towards failure and feedback and using it is a chance to grow.

You learnt how to adopt the - I believe in myself mindset - the key to success.

You learnt how to deal with uncertainty and risk in a smart way while pursuing ambitious goals.

You learnt how to defend your values throughout different aspects of your life in order to be true to yourself.

You learnt how to notice your inner experience by recognizing your feelings and emotions.

You learnt to open your mind, cultivate positive thinking and compassion with others and with yourself.

You learnt to explore your interests and foster them autonomously.

You learnt how to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to use them to your advantage.

You learnt to regulate your reactions when you experience different feelings and emotions.

You know how to learn with purpose and joy in order to be able to learn throughout your entire life.