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When Oprah Winfrey was born ?

29 January 1954

Question 1/10

29 January 1956

29 January 1958

When did she move to Chicago to present the "AM Chicago" on WLT-TV ?

Question 2/10

In 1981

In 1983

In 1985

In what years the show << The Oprah Winfrey Show >> is launched ?

In 1986

Question 3/10

In 1990

In 1992

What was the record for the highest number of views on television ?

Question 4/10

40 millions

70 millions

100 millions

With what celebrity Oprah Winfrey has made 100 millions views in the world

Barack Obama

Question 5/10

Michael Jackson

Donald Trump

When was the last talk-show recording ?

Question 6/10

15 May 2011

25 May 2011

1 July 2011

At what age was Oprah a victim of sexual violence ?

12 years

Question 7/10

10 years

9 years

At what age will she get pregnant ?

Question 8/10

17 years

14 years

16 years

For which president Oprah has she been a support that has made it possible to obtain more than a million votes in the primary race of Democrats.

George W. Bush

Question 9/10

Barack Obamara

Bill Clinton

At what age at the Oprah knew is she already reading ?

Question 10/10

3 years

5 years

7 years



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