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Summer Institute 2023

July 13 - 15


Highlights from our Previous Virtual Summer Institutes

"My Summer Institute 2022 experience has been incredible. There has been so much information that has helped me see where I need to make corrections and continue working on my dissertation."

"The Summer Institute 2021 experience has been enlightening. The presenters are all extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My biggest take away is to be certain to take care of one's self."

Your Future is on the Horizon!

"The SI 2022 provided a vast amount of information for students. Each session provided valuable information to assist student in completion of their chosen pathway…Overall, the experience of the institute was wonderful. I am excited it was a requirement rather than an option. Thank you all for your commitment."

SRP Alumni Panel

"The Summer Institute 2022 was very insightful and my biggest takeaway was reinforcing my knowledge of plagiarism and the many different types of plagiarism."

"Summer Institute 2022 was AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! I was super stressed out and a little ready to quit …SI 2022 drew us all together although we are physically so far apart. The encouragement I received this weekend from strangers helped me over the obstacle I created for myself…The Guest Speakers who have graduated from the Doctoral program have gone out into the world to effectively change lives. I am so proud to be a Shark. GO SHARKS!!!! "

"Summer Institute was truly a rewarding experience. Going into the summer institute I wasn't sure of what to expect but, I gained a lot of valuable information…The biggest takeaway for me was the fact that I am not alone on this journey. It seems all faculty & staff and my cohort members are invested in my success in this program. Which was a welcome surprise considering that this is an online program."

Learning at Summer Institute!

"My biggest takeaway from Summer Institute 2022 is that I need to stop procrastinating and get moving on my dissertation. I also found the Mindfulness seminars amazing and something we all probably really need! I look forward to getting through my last course next semester and finishing up my dissertation."


"I wasn't sure how the virtual world would work but I found I received more information than face to face. Thank you for putting this together. It was amazing!"

Enjoying Summer Institute!

"This was a great program. This is my second time, but I took a lot away from this experience. The faculty and staff were all very cohesive and on the same page. I took away that this doctoral program is a journey but there are many people and resources to support you. I appreciate how kind and understanding all faculty and staff were and their willingness to provide support throughout this process."

"I learned that I have access to a lot of resources and people that I was not aware of before this weekend. I am so grateful for this experience because now I have a direction on my research, and I am excited moving forward. Dr. Reeves really helped me by mapping out which classes I needed to be in, and it has given me new life about finishing this program."


Registration Opens March 27th


For more information regarding the 2023 Summer Institute, please contact Ms. Carole Benedict at summerconf@nova.eduhttps://education.nova.edu/summer/index.html