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dress code



Origins and inspirations

The gothic style goes from the hair to the boots with a high accentuation and dark colors. in terms of facial style, their hair would be dark and would have an eccentric style, forming a ball of spike hair style. Their face would keep the same style as their hair by having dark makeup, pointy eyeliners and dark lipstick. In terms of clothing, Chains, boots with spike and sometimes necklaces with dark meanings are mostly visible on an enjoyer of the gothic subculture. In bonus they're dressing style are similar to old 19th century clothing but mostly with black and white for a few cases.

I chose this song because the musical style represents well the gothic subculture and because the band is emblematic. The music had a certain dark tone to it, caustic while at the same time melodic, it was fairly minimalist but created haunting and somewhat a seductive atmosphere for the listeners. The goth music also named "goth rock" is a combination of post punk, glam rock and hard rock influences. They use primary minor or bass chords revered, dark arrangements or dramatic and melancholic melodies. To be inspired, the artist will use gothic literature allied with themes such as sadness existienalism, nihilism, dark romanticism, tragedy, melancholy and morbidity to create music that could be enjoyable in gothic subculture.


The philosophy takes emblems from religions to make a critique, they have a conflicted mindset. The lifestyle is mostly visible in events like parties, festivals or concerts. Icones or symbols aren't a specific characteristic in the subculture, only dark colors are the main traits for a goth.

The goth subculture began in the United Kinkdom in the 80's. This sub-culture is an heir and a derivat of the post-punk mouvement, it was develloped by fans of gothic rock, this movement find his main inspirations in the germanic expressionist cinema, the fantasy and goth novel.

Different kind of goths

Fetishist influences

Cyber-punk influences

Fantasy influences

Pastel goth