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Víctor González Arija

University of Kent - UNED

“CUANDO DESPERTÓ...” An analysis of the presence and evolution of “Culture™” and the treatment of stereotypes in Spanish as foreign language manuals. A didactic proposal based on Isabel Coixet’s “Spain in a day”


1. What was revised?

  1. Tipes of culture and acculturation
  2. What is Culture™? (Hammerly, 1991; Jandt, 2016)
  3. Culture as an autonomous competence: Peña y Gutiérrez (2002), Oliveras (2000)

Cultures in the language classroom

  1. Class as a learning environment (Krashen, 1987)
  2. Plurilingualism (Beacco, 2005)
    1. “Plurilinguisme additif” (Defays, 2015)

Bilingualism and plurilingualism

  1. What are they? (Moscovici, 1981)
  2. Social categorization (Lippman, 1922; Stangor, 2000) and "ground of truth" (García, 2014)

Stereotypes as a matter of learning


2. Which were the expectations?

  1. culture > Culture / Kulture
  2. Spanish ethnocentrism
  3. Stereotypical realities


  1. Theoretical
  2. Analytical
  3. Practical

Triple intention


3. What did we get?


3. What did we get?

  1. culture > Culture and Kulture
  2. Spanish > Hispanic
  3. Stereotypical realities
  4. Skills and attitudes

Analytical research and personal comments

  1. Corpus

General research


4. What now?

  1. Methodological:
    1. Modernization and compilation of manuals
    2. Modernization and update of research
  2. Didactic: “Cuando despertó…”



5. Didactic proposal: “Cuando despertó…”

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