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Gaelic football, also known as Caid, is a team sport. the main object it is to score points by kicking or hitting the ball with the hands and introducing into the opponents goal.The team with the most point at the end of the match wins.Players move across the field carrying the ball in their hands kicking it and passing it between teammates CLICK

The game last 60 minutes, divided into two halves of half an hour each one.Gaelic football is played in teams of 15 players on a rectangular grass pitch with H-shaped goals on both sizes.(one goalkeeper, two cornerbacks, one full-back, 3 halfbacks, 2 midfielders,3 half-forwards, 2 cornerforwards, one full-forwards and up to 15 substitules, of which 5 can be used



Its origins in Ireland during the 13th century and it can even be traced back to the celts,who acoording to historians, played different versions whose aim was to get the ball to the rival village, while trying to dodge the opposing villagers.The current game was formaly organized in the 19th century, thanks to the Gaelic Athlethic Association (GAA) in 1887


-The match begins when the referee throws the ball between the four midfielders. -After a forward throws the ball out of the goal and crosses the goal line, the goalkeeper must serve from the tip of the small area. -All players must be behind the 20-meter line at the time of service. -After a striker has scored, the goalkeeper must serve from the 15-meter line. -After a defender throws the ball out of the goal and crosses the goal line, the opposing team must serve from the 45-meter line from where the ball came out. -After a player has removed the ball from the field of play, the other team can execute a side kick at the point where the ball left the field.-After a player has committed a foul, the other team may take a free kick at the place where the foul was committed,-After a defender has committed a foul within the large rectangular area, the other team can take a penalty kick from the ground at the center of the 17-meter line. Only the goalkeeper can score the "goals". -If multiple players are fighting for the ball and it is not clear who had it first, the referee may opt for a faceoff,

regulations (fouls)

It is allowed to hit the ball from the opponent's hands or push him with the shoulders, but the following plays are considered fouls: -Use both hands to tackle -Pushing an opponent -Tow down an opponent -Grab an opponent by the shirt -Block a shot with your feet -Make a tackle by sliding -Touch the goalkeeper in the smallest area -Forcing for a ball that is in the hands of an opponent


The All-Ireland Football Championship is the most important Irish Football Championship held annually in Ireland, involving the county teams. Despite being a competition whose format is the direct knockout, All-Ireland enjoys a higher prestige than the National Football LeagueIn this competision many counties seek the victory, among witch stand out:-Kerry -Dublin-Tyrone -Cork

The teams from each of the 32 participating counties in their respective provincial championships. These provincial championships operate according to the single-game direct elimination format, and take place during the months of May, June and July. The winners of each provincial championship get a place in the All-Ireland Series, the final phase of the All-Ireland Football Championship, which takes place in the months of August and September. The county that has won the final the most times in men's football history is Kerry with 36 cups, followed by Dublin with 22All-Ireland Final : The third Sunday of september the two winner teams of semi -final .The winner is crowned All-Ireland Champion

organization of competitions


Players of this sport don't receive any salary for the fact of competing in the GAA. The benefits of being a player for a GAA team is being recognized by the country, which will help the players to get a good job and everything for the rest of their lives.The strange origin of the course that haunts Mayo -"The Gaelic football team that hasn't won an All -Ireland Champion since 1951" The misfortune of this Irish football team is so extraordinary that the history of "the course of May" is known to almost every fan. It all started un 1951. The learn was returnning to Mayo. In a town called Foxford, legend has it, they walked past a funeral without any respect. The curse then released: Mayo wouldn't win a final until all the numbers of that team died.


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+This project is made by: Arturo Moreno, Pedro Miguel Alarcón, Pablo Lozano, Daniel Calero and Guillermo Antolinez.


in our opinion, this project has helped us to discover a very interesting new sport such as Gaelic football. In Spain this sport is not very well known, however we have found it to be a very fun sport. We have been surprised that the players who play this sport do not charge absolutely nothing but only play for fun, this shows that the players really like this sport.