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Cosan Pass is the only navigable pass through the jungle mountains that separate Deceau from Mardec. It is guarded by the Army at Torthuil, in order to prevent Deceaun forces from invading the peaceful nation.

The mystery surrounding the Third Standing is as tangled as the clover growing around it. Some say it was built by the ancient Fae, others believe it is as old as Dia herself. The Third Standing is a stone structure located in a meadow in Northern Mardec. It is constructed of three curved stone-like fingers, seemingly growing out of the ground. The stone arches are surrounded by a ring of stone. Each arch has intricate rune markings covering the surface. "The Third Standing" David Salisbury (c) 2018

Home to the famed Kamalans. An all-female race of fae born to be bonded to another fae. Once a Kamalan has been identified (usually at birth), it is imperative to her health and safety, and the law, to bring her to Kamalan House to be raised and tutored. Kamalan House is as large as a city and completely walled off from society. It is protected by the Trusted Order; fae who have dedicated their lives to the service of Kamalan House.

Lexot: An exotic ore found in abundance in Ra’Day, and lesser so in DeMarc. The magical Lexonium is forged from it. It is hard to come by, due to the fact that all Lexot mined in Ra’Day is banned. Lexonium: The only metal in the realm able to hold a weave. It is highly sought after for its magical properties.

The three nested triangles represent the Trusted Order. The shaded inner triangle denotes one who has obtained the rank of Most Trusted, such as Brynjar. The Trusted Order is charged with the protection of Kamalan House. Unlike their counterparts, with whom they are sworn to protect, The Trusted Order is comprised entirely of male fae. The origins of the order are shrouded in mystery, as the order’s historical texts were consumed in a massive fire at the Athenaeum at Alioth a century after the Great Ending. What is known is that before the order, the Kamalan’s were traded and sold like commodities. Powerful as the Kamalans were, they did not have an army, and no way to defend against the men that would seek to own them.

The Bradach, also affectionately known as the Pirate’s Bridge, is a long and wide bridge capable of supporting large numbers, such as a caravan of merchants or an entire army brigade. The bridge connects Kamalan House to Cuan, via a wide and well-traveled road; it is the most widely used thoroughfare on the entire Island of Cailin. It was erected in the time before The Great Ending and required the effort of the most powerful weavers of the age. No other bridge exists in all of Faetir as impressive as the Bradach. Standing over a thousand feet above the deep Tamzin Gorge and over two thousand feet long, it is suspended by a mixture of powerful magic and marvelous engineering. So vast is the Bradach that many merchants have set up shop along its length, offering everything from food and drink to souvenirs and trinkets. The bridge is marshaled by the Bradach Guard, an elite unit of the Mardecian army, stationed at Cuan; it is considered an honor to be selected. Its name, the Pirate’s Bridge, comes from the fact that it is the favored method of punishment for pirates who frequent the waters near Cuan. Marauders and brigands also see similar fates at the Larionad, the center structure of the bridge. The Larionad marks the bridge’s halfway point and was designed with awe-inspiring towers and swooping architecture. Criminals sentenced to death are made to effectively ‘walk the plank’ of one such swooping structure, aptly referred to as Death’s Arm, usually at the point of a sword, before they are forced off, plummeting to their death. Pirates and criminals alike are generally tried in a swift tribunal by the Bradach Guard on the bridge itself; conviction means immediate death. To date, no pirate tried has been acquitted.

Ra’Day is a large island off the northwest coast of Northern Mardec. The Ra’Day are a collection of races who have adopted the name as their identity and often refer to themselves as Ra’Day in lieu of their birth race. The most prolific of the Ra’Day, the Maghentum are considered by most fae to be the most hideous and malignantly evil of all the races. They have large bulbous eyes, too big for their smooth hairless heads. Two ridges, like sister mountain ranges, run from just above their eyes to the back of their head, giving them an ever-scowling appearance. They possess a unique innate ability; they are able to use raw magic without a weave. Their ability to do so is, however, limited. That, coupled with their low intelligence makes them no better than mean children. Most use their gift in the form of the glaspear, a green energy bolt shot from their fingertips. The other races that claim Ra'Day as home are the Youssen (powerful battlemages), the Trock (lizard-like and small in stature), and the Halrots (known for their grit and fighting ability).

Havn is a city on the coast of the Cothrom Sea. It is the third-largest city in Mardec, nestled on the north side of the sea. It is Northern Mardec’s largest port, but it is less than a third of the size of Rigel, the capitol, which sits on the south shore of the sea. Apart from being a major port for fishermen, Havn is home to seafarers of all types. The main portion of the city resides on the docks. Each dock serves a different purpose; fishing, recreation, military, tourism, and the less-than-reputable. Captain Bridger, the ship captain that brought Eva, Brynjar, and Derek to Cuan on the Island of Cailin, calls Havn his home.

The Atheneum at Alioth is THE center of learning for all of Faetir. It boasts the largest collection of intellectual and magical works in the realm.

Grense is the second largest city in Mardec, behind the capital Rigel and the Southern coastal city of Torthuil. It hosts a large tourism industry and many affluent fae vacation here to enjoy the mixture of temperate climates, ocean views, and mountains.

Nath is the capital of Deceau and home to the vile Ceann Olc, who seeks to conquer all of Faetir.

Rigel is the capital of Mardec, the largest nation in the realm. The Council chambers are located in this rich city; each nation has a seat on the Council, save for the detractor, Deceau. The nations operate under the Faetir Pact, which is the governing doctrine of the land. The only nation, aside from Deceau and Ra'Day, that does not recognize the Faetir Pact is The Unconquered Lands.

The island of Cailin is a semi-independent state that falls under the governance of Mardec.

Northern Mardec is a semi-independent state that falls under the governance of Mardec. It is also home to the Sioc and Kulden fae, some of the fiercest warriors in the realm. Brynjar is a Sioc fae.

Etamin is the capital of The Unconquered Lands and home to the Premier, Tunnu, a large Sasquan fae.

Gianfar is the capital of DeMarc.

Merak is the capital of the agricultural nation of Marcaug.

The forests south of Brynjar’s home are both beautiful and dangerous. Hundreds of species of flora can be found in the Forests of Pel. The combination of fertile soil, sunlight, and ocean moderated temperatures make it a perfect habitat for many plant species. The trade route from Lausern to Havn runs through the densest part of the forest. While the road is well-traveled and safe enough for a merchant convey, lone riders and small groups have been known to be robbed by highwaymen. The Brigands of Pel, a well-armed and hidden troupe of marauders, are well known for their violence and greed. The troupe that Eva, Brynjar, and Derek ran into was one such detachment of the Brigands.

Torthuil (tor-tōl): A large city near the southern coast of Mardec: Home to the Army at Torthuil, a contingent of the Mardecian army charged with the protection of the Cosan Pass.

Lexot: An exotic ore found in abundance in Ra’Day, and lesser so in DeMarc. The magical Lexonium is forged from it. It is hard to come by, due to the fact that all Lexot mined in Ra’Day is banned. Lexonium: The only metal in the realm able to hold a weave. It is highly sought after for its magical properties.