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Pilot product DESTIMED+ project at La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park


Let's discover the land of volcanoes at La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park



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La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

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Cultivated Plants Conservation Center


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Mike Lockwood Born in England but adopted from Garrotxa, Mike has been working as a nature and hiking guide for over 20 years. Get to know the roads of the region and their flora and fauna like no other, and especially enjoy teaching them to those who come from outside with a desire to learn. Birds, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies,… for Mike all nature is worth studying, because in this world everything is absolutely connected. Jordi Joan Esquerda Jordi lived for 15 years in England and Ireland and has traveled all over the world. He has the certification of guide in several Catalan natural parks where he guides hiking and nature, he has also guided groups in El Camino. Working with biologists and environmental experts in nature research programs in the Pyrenees, this study allows him to continue learning and therefore pass on his knowledge to other people. He loves butterflies, travel, photography and world cultures and feels privileged to work outdoors in contact with nature.

It is the best example of volcanic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula. It has about forty volcanic cones and more than 20 basaltic lava flows. The orography, the soil and the climate provide a varied vegetation, often lush, with holm oaks, oak groves and beeches of exceptional landscape value. Natural Park Web

Beth CoboBorn in Barcelona… but in love with la Garrotxa. Guiding groups from around the world is her passion: tailor made programs is her specialty. Her enthusiasm for everything is ultimately infectious and provides the leadership for many of the new products. It’s a naturalist 2.0: you can found her with a notebook, a camera and an butterfly net on the field, or in a social network hanging photos of the last bimbo. beth@trescalia.com Tel. (+34) 657.861.805





Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park

It has about 40 volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows. The orography, the soil and the climate provide a varied vegetation with exceptional landscape value.

what will we visit?

Best example of volcanic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula.

Via Annia roman road

The road of Capsacosta is a genuine work of huge engineering importance and an exceptional testament to a historical period of great change for the country.

The road of Capsacosta

Cultivated Plants Conservation Center

The loss of diversity of cultivated plants has generated severe genetic erosion and a rarefaction of the traditional varieties

Can Jordà

The old ‘Royal Road’

The revolt of the Remences – a peasant uprising against their lords and the abusive mals usos (feudal obligations) - took place in La Garrotxa during the second half of the 15th century.

On the trail of Remences

Via Annia was an offshoot of the Via Augusta. From Figueres, it made its way up through the mountainous regions. After crossing the plane of Bianya, it carried on up to Capsacosta and continued on to the Coll de Ares, to later join up, now in Galia. Roman road itinerary full description

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The Saint James’ Way also passes through Olot, which makes this city an excellent starting or finishing point for walkers and pilgrims. The Way has been classified as of ‘Cultural Interest’ and has been recognised as a Primary European Cultural Itinerary by the European Institute of Cultural Itineraries, an institution linked to the Council of Europe. The various different branches of the Way have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Vall d'en Bas itinerary full description

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To achieve the conservation of varieties of fruit trees is really effective you need to ensure the maintenance in as many places as possible. Over the years the center has operated, many people have shown interest in to be able to plant varieties of fruit trees in theirs farms. Thus was born the estate project collaborators of which, today, 33 farms are part located in the Garrotxa region.

La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park covers an area of 15,309 ha (with 28 natural reserves covering 1,180 ha) within the region of La Garrotxa. In all, there are 11 municipalities: Castellfollit de la Roca, Mieres, Montagut, Olot, Les Planes d'Hostoles, Les Preses, Sant Aniol de Finestres, Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Sant Joan les Fonts, Santa Pau and La Vall de Bianya

Natural Park map

La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park offers many interesting places to visit, a variety of activities and facilities, and services to help you get to know this protected area. Natural Park web page 12 places of interest leaflet

This road, which was an offshoot to the Via Augusta, was denominated Via Annia by various scholars. From Figueres it climbed up through mountainous regions and after crossing the plane of Bianya it carried on up through Capsacosta to eventually reach the Coll de Ares, to again later join up with, now in Galia, the alreaday mentioned main route. Via Annia is the name given to our network of paths: Itinerannia Roman road itineray leaflet

The objectives

  • Contribute to the conservation of traditional varieties cultivated plants.
  • Improve agrobiological knowledge of these varieties (adaptation to the environment, susceptibility to pests and diseases, productivity, etc.).
  • Gain practical experience in organic fruit growing.
  • Encourage its cultivation on collaborating farms as the best conservation system.
  • Promote the use of organic farming in the framework of a protected natural environment.
  • To offer the possibility to specialized study centers to work in a field of applied research.
  • Disseminate the uses and possibilities of these varieties involve different social agents in their conservation.
Project leaflet 2021 Natural Park Web Project

This route follows part of the old ‘Royal Road’, a medieval trail joining these two cities that was probably paved to be able to transport timber to Barcelona to construct a fleet for the king. This circular walk starts in Hostalets d'en Bas and climbs up to Falgars d'en Bas along the old King’s Road, all but completely avoiding the private track closed to traffic that joins these two villages. Itinerary leaflet

La Quinta Justa



gastronomy & local product

The authenticity of the earth on the plate

La Deu



One of the oldest restaurants in La Garrotxa.

Olot Market

Local product


40% of shops are direct producers.





Verntallat agro-shop

Local product

Vall d'en Bas

Aim: to bring food products produced in La Garrotxa closer to the consumer


A kitchen that combines the classic touch of the moldings of the walls with the modernity of the details. Our restaurant, located in a modernist house in the center of Olot, is based on five spacious and bright spaces. Our cuisine combines tradition and modernity to offer to our customers a kitchen that surprises the best palates. GERARD XIFRA THE CHEF

123 456 789

Located in a natural environment of great beauty, the restaurant founded in 1885, is one of the oldest restaurants in La Garrotxa. It has been run by the Reixach family since its origins, almost 130 years ago and continues to be committed to the principles it has espoused for more than a century: service, product, gastronomic tradition and a fair value for money.

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The new Plaça Mercat d'Olot is a point of reference for many citizens, where apart from the undeniable proximity in the treatment offered by the shops, one of the hallmarks of quality is its wide and varied offer, and its specialization in the product, according to a commercial mix in which direct producers of dairy products, meats and sausages, vegetables, fresh and salted fish, preserves, nuts, pastry, artisanal bakery, fresh pasta, salted fish, candied fruit coexist , vegan cuisine ... Fresh, quality and local products are the hallmark of Plaça Mercat d’Olot.

123 456 789

The agro-shops were created with the aim of bringing food products produced in La Garrotxa closer to the consumer, which, due to their uniqueness, artisanal production process and small distribution, are difficult to find in traditional supermarkets and large distribution. In Verntallat agro-shops you will also find products from other cooperatives and artisans from our country. In agro-shops you will find a wide range of Verntallat products: Honey Milk Beans (cooked and raw) / Cooked chickpeas Potatoes Cheeses Sausages Dried fruit

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Mas Rubió


A 17th century Catalan farmhouse, surrounded by woods and farmland. Gemma and Santi open the doors of Mas Rubió to show you how the people from the Valley live.



La Rectoria de Sant Miquel de Pineda

Sant Feliu de Pallerols

Formerly the priest's house dating from the 12th century, now a place to rest up before continuing on your way. Roy, Goretti and Silvestre welcome you to their home.

(+34) 650.620.103

(+34) 691 353 111


Natural Gas Taxi

The transfer service from Barcelona airport will be done with a CNG (Compressed natural gas) vehicle.

Vall d’en Bas public transport: Clic.cat

Sustainable mobility requires more and better public transport

Taxi Tour Garrotxa

Local professional high-end chauffeur car hire service.




Advantages of CNG vehicles: Less pollution and more efficiency:

  • CNG emits significantly less pollution directly than petrol or oil when combusted (e.g., unburned hydrocarbons (UHC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulfur oxides (SOx) and PM (particulate matter)). For example, an engine running on petrol for 100 km produces 22 kilograms of CO2, while covering the same distance on CNG emits only 16.3 kilograms of CO2.
  • The lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions for CNG compressed from California's pipeline natural gas is given a value of 67.70 grams of CO2-equivalent per megajoule (gCO2e/MJ) by CARB (the California Air Resources Board), approximately 28 percent lower than the average petrol fuel in that market (95.86 gCO2e/MJ).
  • CNG produced from landfill biogas was found by CARB to have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions of any fuel analyzed, with a value of 11.26 gCO2e/MJ (more than 88 percent lower than conventional petrol) in the low-carbon fuel standard that went into effect on January 12, 2010.
  • Due to lower carbon dioxide emissions, switching to CNG can help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.However, natural gas leaks (both in the direct use and in the production and delivery of the fuel) represent an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. The ability of CNG to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the entire fuel lifecycle will depend on the source of the natural gas and the fuel it is replacing.

‘Clic.cat’ is a new transport brand in demand by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The national mobility guidelines state that all areas of the territory must have adequate public transport for their mobility needs. Thus, the first of these guidelines provides for the implementation of alternative public transport systems in dispersed housing developments and measures to improve the connection with the main public transport network, and the 25th directive states that it is necessary improve access by public transport between the different isolated population centers and the municipal and county capitals through on-demand services, the opening of school transport and the enabling of innovative systems that meet the demand for mobility in the rural world. During his speech, Councilor Calvet emphasized the need to "have territorial cohesion as a guarantee of progress". "We live in a country that values the concepts of cohesion, equity, resilience of the territory, but then through the Executive knows how to translate them into very specific actions, which are born first of an observation of the needs of the territory, but also, as it should be, of the continuous demand and demand to obtain these improvements ”. In this sense, the TAD contributes to guaranteeing this equity, while promoting sustainable mobility. The minister explained that the recipe for sustainable mobility means more and better public transport and adapting it to the needs of each area. The councilor added that it is clear that metropolitan and denser areas need certain solutions for public transport, interurban areas, others, but we also need less dense, more scattered territory to have solutions. TAD services are provided with vehicles adapted to the existing mobility needs, usually with vehicles with less than nine seats so that inefficient travel is avoided and emissions are reduced by providing only those services that have been previously contracted.

We are much more than a taxi. We offer you a customised chauffeur car hire service. We work with maximum professionalism so that you don’t have to worry about anything.. All our vehicles are high-end and are equipped with Wi-Fi, electrical and USB connection, working table, fridge and zoned air-conditioning. They are fitted with superbly comfortable seats. We pick you up punctually at the agreed place and drop you at your destination with no worries. Our aim is to make the journey a moment to work or relax. Our professional staff will take care of your luggage and will be at your disposal at all times. If you have any special need, do not hesitate to tell us when booking.


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Walking on garrotxa landscape


Olot, La Garrotxa. Catalonia


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