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Corrosion Exposure and Copper Caper

cKit Supplement

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Getting Started

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Contact a Teacher or Counselor

Reach out to teachers and counselors in your ares for opportunities to enage with to students.

Career Day

Vounteer for Career Days and Career Fairs at local schools.


November 8th - Volunteer to participate in the celebration events.


Be sure to choose the right demonstration for your audience.

Local teachers and counselors are a great starting point to understand their needs and get details on scheduled STEM events. We recommend visiting the website for your local schools to find contact details.Start the conversation by sharing your goals as a volunteer and industry professional and ask what the school's needs are for STEM education.

Find a Teacher or Counselor

Contact a Teacher or Counselor

Volunteer Clearance

We recommend you check with your local school officials for specific volunteer requirements. If your district, state, country, or region has requirements for volunteers to enter school, please send us the information and we can add it here for future reference.Pennsylvania, USA


Career Fair and Career Day Events are a great opportunity to enlighten young minds to the corrosion and coatings industry. Volunteers are usually always needed to fill the agenda. If a student you know is attending a career fair or career day event, ask how you can get involved.

Remember: Students respond well to hands-on, interactive, show-and-tell type information and presentations. Show them equipment you use, safety gear you wear, and examples of problems you try to solve.

Present at Career Day

STEM Day is celebrated in a variety of ways in schools all around the world. Volunteer at a school with some of our easy-to-use experiements that will excite kids about STEM. Let their curiosity grow as they watch the demonstrations and learn some basic corrosion and coatings concepts.



Celebrate STEM Day

November 8th

Our experiments are geared toward elementary and middle school students, but that's a big range of knowledge! Each experiment is labled with age appropriate information to help you choose the right experiment for the event you're attending.If you aren't sure what age kids will be in the audience, ask the event organizer.

Which Exerpiment Should You Choose?

If the students you're working with have increased knowledge in STEM, these experiments will work for you too! Each experiment includes expanded information for an advanced audience, such as Middle School aged students or students in advanced STEM programs. Look for the icon.

Advanced Students

Know Your Audience

Experiment #1 - Corrosion Exposure

A Visual Demonstraton of Rust

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Experiment #1 - Corrosion Exposure

Click this link to download to full experiment.

When a piece of iron is left out in the open for a while it will slowly start turning brown. The brown spots are called RUST. Rusting, or corrosion, occurs when iron is exposed to oxygen in air and water or water vapor. The surrounding environment affects the rate at which iron or steel corrodes. Factors such as the humidity, presence of salts, amount of oxygen, etc. play a role in how quickly iron will rust. In this demonstration you see various degrees of rusting on the surface of steel wool depending on the environment its placed in. Pieces of steel wool will be placed in different combinations of water, salt, and 3% hydrogen peroxide.

A Visual Demonstraton of Rust

Experiment #2 - Copper Caper

Dissolve the copper-oxide layer from old pennies.

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Click this link to download to full experiment.

Experiment #2 - Copper Caper

Watch old pennies turn bright and shiny – right before your eyes! The tarnish on pennies is simply a chemical reaction between the copper in the penny and the oxygen in the air. When the two elements react with one another, they form copper oxide. To get rid of this dull and often greenish substance, an acid needs to bond with the oxide to effectively dissolve it. Let's find out how a highly acidic solution will reveal the shiny copper that was there all along.

Dissolve the copper-oxide layer from old pennies.

Teacher's Guide Supplement

for AMPP Members

This document was created to help AMPP Members utlize the cKits in a more effective way given they may not have lab experience like a science teacher. We've included tips to help you setup, demonstrate, cleanup, and engage students in a helpful way. Each experiment has different learning opportunites for students, so you can find the ones you plan to use the most in your outreach efforts!

cKitTM Teacher's Guide Supplement for Members


Inspector Protector includes:

  • A thrilling storyline
  • Real-world impacts of corrosion
  • Glossary of technical terms
  • Word Search activity

Inspector Protector

24 - Page Comic Book


Hardcopies available for ONLY $2.00 in the AMPP Online Bookstore!

This comic book features Inspector Protector and his super hero team working to save the world from the corrosion Grubzz. An exciting way to inform young students about corrosion engineering.

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Download a digital copy here!

Young Learner Activity Sheets

A variety of printer-friendly pages to take to events for young learners to enjoy!Click on the pages to download!

  • Give a brief history/background of yourself that led to your current career or job
  • What do you do?
  • How long have you been in the industry.
  • What cool tools do you get to work with?
  • What kind of education or traning is needed to do your job?
  • Skills needed, i.e. good communication skills, hand-eye coordination, etc.

Tell the students what motivates you in your career.

Describe Your Job

What excites you about our industry?

Explain the impacts of your job on society/everyday people.

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We’re looking to keep the content updated, so please send us your ideas for new experiments to excite young students.