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Made by Ángel Martín Ponce 4ºA

The pollution

Pollution inmy highschool


In my highschool there are trash everywhere because although there are bins everywhere, people prefer to throw aluminum foil, smoothies and juices on the ground, especially in the playground where you find paper balls, gum and smoothies all over the floor, in the inside this is not like that because there are cleaning people and the floor is very clean but outside it is all dirty and all the bins are full.

Pollution in my highschool

Pollution inmy neighborhood


My neighborhood is usually clean since people do not throw a lot of garbage, which does not mean that there is no trush, it has enough bins and containers where you can throw the garbage, also the garbage cans pass every day and clean the streets of trush, even if there is little There is always someone who throws it to the ground, they also clean the roads with garbage trucks so my neighborhood is usually more or less clean

Pollution in my neightborhood



-Consume organic products-Recycle-Do not use things that contain plastic-Do not throw things on the floor and throw it in the bins-Use recyclable bags-Don't break glass things on the floor-Have owners collect dog droppings-Find the litter

Solutions for the problems

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