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By: Francisco Javier Yébenes VázquezÓscar Castilla Mora.

Improvementof our city

7. Thank you

6. Team

5. Fossil fuels cars

4. Garbage in the hills

3. Bins and litters

2. Highschool Lights

1. Introduction



Consequences+Pay less for eletricity bills

Improvement:+ Change them for more efficients ones

They have:+ Bad quality+ They are very old

2.Highschool lights

Consequences+Less garbage in the streets = Clean Streets.

Improvement:+ Put more bins / litters

Negative things:+ There are few bins / litters.+ Garbage in the streets

3. Bins and Litters

Consequences+Less contamination

Improvement:+ Clean the country side

Negative things:+ Garbgage in the country side.+ Bad for plants and animals

4.Garbage in the hills

Consequences+Less emision of CO2

Improvement:+ Buy more electric cars and use the public transport

Negative things:+A lot of emission of CO".

5.Fossil fuels cars


Francisco Javier Yébenes Vázquez

Óscar Castilla mora

¡ Thank You!