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Hello, I'm Mónica and I'm here because I love creating examples of inspiration with Genially so that anyone can reuse them, adapt them to their needs, and use them in any situation. I love to see the huge variety of content you can create with Genially, and get new ideas from the social media of the #GeniallyEmbassadors or all kinds of users. Originality and creativity have no limit with this tool! Without a doubt, one of the things that makes creating content in Genially so easy is the amount of templates it has on offer for any theme and any taste. Just think about what you want to create, write it in the search bar and… Done! A load of amazing templates for you to fill with the information you want. It also helps (a lot) that it's really easy to use Genially: substitute, replace, change, add something…and before you know it you have interactive content that will wow your audience If you're looking for ideas, don't forget to check out the “Inspiration” section, and, of course, take inspiration from the social profiles of our incredible #GeniallyCommunity, where you'll find plenty of examples of users like you who have created something awesome and want to share it with the world Happy creating!