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Genially - Corporate Guide

"Make presentations, infographics and more stunning content, on your own or in a team"


Who are we?

We are the most versatile tool for creating all kinds of amazing content. Our mission is to give anyone and everyone the tools to create visual and interactive content. That's why we want to make interactive content the new norm, one as common as saying “Hi!” or looking both ways before crossing the street.

Genially We created Genially because Genially didn't exist.

Genially At this moment, in every country in the world, someone is using Genially.

Genially We are a team of good people.

Genially We're young, but we've got our heads screwed on.

Our values

People first

We’d prefer to give up a paid vacation before giving this up:

An incredible community

Anyone can be a genius

Changing communication forever

What you see, what you get

Our focus is on people. We are empathetic and warm. We have a strong connection with the people we learn from every day and those we bring value to.

We are a team, but above all, we are a community of millions of amazing people around the world. We are multifaceted and diverse.

We enjoy facilitating the creation of new and impressive things and bringing out the genius everyone has inside them. We just don’t get creativity without fun.

We revolutionized the way we communicate and left a mark. We are idealists and trailblazers. We know that what we do is different and sets trends.

We show who we are. No fine print. We are authentic and honest. We like to break the mold and prove that there is another way of doing things.


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