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tenses revision simple present/past/pr.progressive for grade 6




Magic Realm



Du spielst einen Charakter, der mysteriöserweise aus seinem oder ihrem Alltagsleben herausgerissen wird und sich in einem magischen Reich wiederfindet. Um zu entkommen, brauchst du die Hilfe der einheimischen Kreaturen. Erfülle ihre Aufgaben, erkunde deine Umgebung und finde deinen Weg wieder zurück nach Hause.


You play a character who is mysteriously pulled out of his or her everyday life and find yourself in a magic realm. In order to escape, you need the help of the local creatures. Complete their tasks, explore your surrounding and find your way back home again.

Suddenly, a fairy appears. Maybe it can help.

You wake up on a green field. How did you get here?

Hey, child. You don't know how you got here, do you? How about you help me with that riddle over there and I help you to get home?

Amazing! Alright, you helped me so I will help you. Just go through that hidden door on the other side of the bridge.

Hold it! Did the fairy send you? Well, if you want to go on safely, you better bring me back my magic mask. Look for it behind the waterfall.

What? You want the mask? Help me with the riddle in that book over there. I give you the mask then.

Well done! There you have it.

You did it! Finally, I have it back from that mermaid. You may enter the hidden house over there. When you are inside, look around carefully.

There's a voice coming from the statue: "Tell me the two magic words and I will get you to wherever you want to be."

This is an old riddle. Solve it and you will learn the first magical word.

These are old documents. Maybe they tell you the second magical word if you read them.

to the castle


You should probably follow them. Or is it better to go to the castle directly?

Where did it fly? What? Who are you? Whatever. I'll get that thing now. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Wow, what was that?

Help me, please. I will give you something in return.

What? You want to save the winged horse? I'm curious. Well, if you help me with that task my master gave me, I will let it live.

You must be a hero. Here, take this. I stole it from the hunter. I heard it belonged to a dragon once.

Wow, thank you. That was way too hard for me. Okay, I keep my promise. Farewell.

Enter the castle.

Go back and look for the lucky charm.

I will not let you pass until I have back my lucky charm.

Go on without solving the dragon's riddle.

Solve the riddle.

My lucky charm! What? You got it from a Pegasus? I cannot believe that. Listen, I can't just let you pass. But since you brought me my lucky charm, I will give you a chance. Solve my riddle and you may enter. What do you say?

Well done. You may enter now.

Try again.

Die, filthy human!

Try again.

Die, filthy human!

A troll blocks your way.

Can you please help me? A wizard cursed me with these chains. Look over there. It's a magic book that he forgot. I can't read, but maybe you can.

Thaaank you. Come with me. I'll show you the exit.

Follow the rabbit to find the three magical words that will open the door.

Look around.

Better remember the magical word. Ok, next one.

Look around.

This shield does not belong to you! What? You are looking for the second magical word? Solve my riddle and I will tell you.

The door opened and a knight came out!

Well done and farewell.

Better remember the magical word. Ok, next one!

Fool, complete this task and get out of this cursed castle!

Strange room. Wait, who's that?

Go in peace and never come back!

Wow! What a guy. Follow me back to the exit.


Have you forgotten them? Don't worry. Take a look at the wall. I hid something there.

You can open it now with the three magical words.

Follow the rabbit to find the three magical words that will open the door.

Farewell. And take good care, friend.

Follow the rabbit to find the three magical words that will open the door.