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Chambers School Commitments 2023-24

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School Day Schedule

Picking Students Up at School

Report Card Schedule

2023-24 School Supply Lists for Chambers!

KCSD Parent Resources

2023-24 KCSD Bus Routes!

Chambers School Staff

KCSD Calendar

Attendance Procedures

Breakfast and Lunch Plan

Dismissal Plan

Arrival Plan

Email Mrs. Berardi at kberardi@kingstoncityschools.org or message on Teams @Kate Berardi

Principal, Chambers School

Mrs. Kate Berardi

Dear Familes, It is my pleasure to welcome you back to Chambers Elementary School for the 2023-24 school year! Although the last several years have been ones that we had never anticipated, I am so proud of our incredible Chambers Community and how it has continued to come together to support our students! Please look through this guide and utilize it to help you become familiar with our policies and procedures here at Chambers. Although many things here will remain the same as they have been in the past, others may have been altered slightly. As you read through the material, please let me know if you have any questions. I can always be reached easily by email or on Teams. I look forward to a fantastic school year here at Chambers!

Email the KCSD Board of Education at boe@kingstoncityschools.org


Board of Education

Your Board of Education is composed of nine residents who have been elected by the qualified voters of the Kingston City School District. The Board is vested with the responsibility of setting education policy and carrying out the mandates of the New York State Education Department. The members serve without remuneration.

I will BEE the bestthat I can BEE .And take my learning seriously. Kindness to othersis what I will show .Allowing the hearts around me to grow. I will show myself that today’s the day.I will be the best me,in every way.

  • ASSESS who we are on the inside
  • REFLECT on how we interact with others
  • CHANGE our path when we see an opportunity.
  • HELP our community to grow and become stronger, together

...using the ARCH to create better versions of ourselves, and in turn, strenghtening our community so all members feel safe, cared for, and loved.

Our Daily Affirmation

  • GROWING as independent learners
  • THINKING critically
  • UNDERSTANDING the connections between the things we are learning
  • APPLYING our learning to the things we do each day

commits to...

Chambers School

Click each for more info

Morning Announcements - 8:55

Student Dismissal Time - 3:00

Student Arrival Time - 8:45

Keep in your HIVE and watch us THRIVE!

School Schedule

Mrs. Jeri, Bilingual Family Workercjeri@kingstoncityschools.orgClaudia Jeri on Teams

Mrs. Percy, Speech Pathologistvpercy@kingstoncityschools.orgValerie Percy on Teams

Mrs. Malenski, School Social Workerhmalenski@kingstoncityschools.orgHeidi Malenski on Teams

Mrs. Potter, School Psychologistmpotter@kingstoncityschools.orgMelissa Potter on Teams

Mrs. Kelder, School Nursemkelder@kingstoncityschools.orgMildred Kelder on Teams

Mrs. Salzmann, Office Managerssalzmann@kingstoncityschools.orgSusan Salzmann on Teams

Mrs. Berardi, Principalkberardi@kingstoncityschools.orgKate Berardi on Teams

School Phone Number:845-943-3914

Have a question? Please contact us!

Key Contacts


  • If you would like to park and walk your child in, please park in the baseball field lot and walk across the field.
  • For the safety of ALL, PLEASE DO NOT walk through the Chambers parking lot.






  • Cars may begin lining up at 8:35.
  • Please pull up to the turnaround to drop your child off.
  • ONLY STUDENTS will exit the car.
  • Parents should NOT exit their car. We will assist your child in getting out of the car.

If you arrive late and no one is at the side entrance to greet you, please walk to the front of the school and ring the bell. We will be out to greet you!

Due to safety concerns with parents and students walking through our parking lot during drop off, parents will NOT be able to park in our lot during arrival. ONLY cars dropping off at the TURN AROUND will be able to enter the Chambers parking lot.

Chambers School Drop Off Procedures

Walk your child to the front door

Please do NOT enter through the front - BUSES ONLY

Please park here

If you arrive after arrival and there is no one to unload at the turnaround, you MUST park and walk your child to the front door.

Late to School?

Buses pull in from Morton Blvd. and begin dismissing at 3:00

All parents should park in the lot off of VanKeuren Highway. Please DO NOT pull into the FRONT of the school building. That area is for BUSES ONLY. Thank you!

Ms. George, Mrs. Correa, Mrs. Dolan, Mrs. Heissenbuttel, and Mrs. Zeh's students exit at this door. Please line up on the Hives and wait for your student to be dismissed to you

Mrs. Gruber, Ms. Stocker, Mr. Gruber, Mrs. Stenta, Mr. Tirch's students exit at classroom doors. Please line up and wait for your child to be dismissed from their classroom door.

All Kindergarten and 1st Grade students exit here. Parents should line up on the grass and wait in this area.

Students will begin being dismissed at 3:00

Chambers School Pick Up Procedures

Please click the bus below for route and stop times.

Buses pull in from Morton Blvd. and begin dismissing at 3:00

Students will begin being dismissed at 3:00.

Chambers School Bus Info

  • If your child needs to be picked up early, please send him or her in with a note so that we are prepared to dismiss them. If a student needs to be picked up early it must be done BEFORE 2:45. Early pickups will not be permitted between 2:45 and 3:00.
  • If your child is absent because s/he is ILL, please click here to see our procedures for returning to school.

Attendance Procedures

  • If your child is absent for any reason OTHER THAN being ill (vacation, Dr. appt, etc.), please send them in with a note when they return to school.

1) Call Mrs. Kelder our school nurse at 943-3393

This time of year is filled with lots of colds and allergies that are not COVID-related. If your child is showing signs of a cold or allergies please do the following ASAP:

Is Your Child Showing Signs of a Cold or Allergies

  • Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria with their classes.
  • Students will have recess with their class after eating their lunches.
  • Students will be provided (if they so choose) with a bagged breakfast each morning when they arrive at school.
  • Students are NOT REQUIRED to eat breakfast at school.
  • Students will eat their breakfasts in the cafeteria.

Lunch and Breakfast are FREE for all Chambers Students!

Lunch Plan

Breakfast Plan

Title 1

Please be on the lookout for our Chambers Weekly Update text/email, every Friday afternoon at 4:00!

Add numbers to receive texts/emails

Change Info Form

All Parents and Guardians are automatically signed up to receive test messages and emails from the KCSD and Chambers School. If you are not receiving these messages, please make sure your information on file is correct. You can fill out the form to the right or can sign up additional numbers by following the link.

Text and Email Messages

Title 1

All Parents and Guardians are invited to join the Chambers PTA. We meet once per month on Teams and will continue to do so this school year! The PTA is always looking for parents to help out! Please join us! For more info, please contact: chamberselementarypta@gmail.com

Chambers School PTA

Title 1

Ms. Green

Mrs. Graziano

Ms. Hansen

Mrs. Weiss

Ms. Bardon

Coach Brown

Coach Ricketson





Students at Chambers School have one special area class per day, as well as one extra special area class per cycle (on one letter day per week you will see that they have two special area periods). Students participate in all kinds of great activities in special area classes and they have lots of fun being creative and learning new things!

Special Area Classes at Chambers

  • Please walk up to the front of the school and ring the bell. We will be out to greet you and will bring your child out to you!
  • If your child needs to be picked up early, please send him or her in with a note so that we are prepared to dismiss them. If a student needs to be picked up early it must be done BEFORE 2:45. Early pickups will not be permitted between 2:45 and 3:00.

Picking Up Your Child

Thank you!

Title 1