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What we do


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We want to be a proactive, trustworthy organization that adds value to all of its activities.





  • Autonomy: we are a technical and independent organization.
  • Responsibility: we act diligently, accurately and with responsibility.
  • Collaboration: we work together and learn from each other.
  • Empathy: we are involved in responding to the difficulties of the members of the educational community.
  • Update: we are systematically trained to provide an up-to-date and efficient service.
  • Proactivity: we anticipate future challenges.

TEACHERS The inspectorate:

  • Advises you:
    • on educational regulations,
    • about the rights and duties of the educational civil servants,
    • in relations with other units of the educational administration,
    • in the knowledge and use of protocols,
    • in the teaching and learning process,
  • Through evaluation processes:
    • encourages you to reflect on your teaching practice,
    • offers you proposals for improvement,
    • offers you guidelines on student assessment,
    • supervises that you have the necessary conditions and skills to teach,
  • Carries out mediation procedures:
    • to resolve conflicts and discrepancies,
    • so that you are an active agent in the construction of positive school coexistence.
  • Takes action to ensure that your rights are respected and that you carry out your duties,
  • Works to ensure that you are actively and constructively involved in improving the functioning of your school.
... to ensure an equitable and quality education, focused on students.


  • Advises you on:
    • school management,
    • your relationships with other members of the educational community,
    • educational regulations, protocols, programs, resolutions, employee rights and obligations ...
    • when dealing with other educational administration services.
  • Offers you advice on school management:
    • So that you develop a shared and sustainable leadership that empowers teachers:
      • in the organisation and running of the school
      • creating rich contexts to ensure quality learning and teaching processes
      • in the development of a successful educational process
      • in the fostering of democratic participation
      • in the construction of positive coexistence
      • in order to improve their teaching skills
    • To ensure that the school strategic documents are effective and that the objectives set out in them are met and evaluated,
    • Encouraging reflection on your activity
    • Offering suggestions for the improvement of your management skills,
  • Wants to help you in the management of the school:
    • so that you use pedagogical criteria for an operative and fair distribution of responsibilities,
    • so that you organize school resources effectively,
    • in school mediation processes,
    • in the use of protocols
... to ensure an equitable and quality education, focused on students.

FAMILIES The Inspectorate works:

  • So that your children acquire the necessary competencies to face their challenges
  • So that schools are safe places, where coexistence is positive and that pertinent protocols are applied if it breaks,
  • For schools to respond appropriately to the difficulties your children may have
  • So that you can participate in school matters and express your opinions, especially through management bodies
  • That you receive information and guidance at school about academic and personal aspects of your children.
  • To ensure compliance with the obligations of families in the field of education related to the rights of students
  • So that the school educational regulations are compiled: basic curriculum, evaluation, individual programs, absenteeism, school calendar and schedule, ...
... to ensure an equitable and quality education, focused on your sons and daughters.


  • Providing technical information to the Educational Administration:
    • So that requests can be answered
    • So that the corresponding decisions can be made
  • Collaborating in the management of coexistence and disciplinary problems of public employees at schools,
  • Participating in selection procedures to guarantee their transparency and legality,
  • Collaborating in training procedures,
... to ensure an equitable and quality education, focused on students.


  • We supervise schools according to their characteristics
  • We evaluate:
    • principals, management teams, teachers, school programs, ...
  • We work to guarantee rights in the following areas:
    • student absenteeism, school bullying, organization of the teaching and learning processes, student assessment, school services in order to meet student diversity, diversity management, support for school care at home, correction of inappropriate student activities, conflicts at teacher level, ...
  • We provide advice and information:
    • about educational regulations
    • about specific problems faced by schools
    • collaborating with other administrative services (providing training, participating in working groups, ...)
    • supplying technical reports to Administration services.
  • We mediate:
    • to resolve school conflicts
    • between the school community and Administration
  • We control the following areas in order to achieve quality education:
    • teacher qualifications, school calendars and schedules, teacher absenteeism, teacher teaching competence, disciplinary proceedings for public employees, administrative processes, …
  • We work to guarantee the principles of equality, transparency and legality in administrative processes.... to ensure an equitable and quality education, focused on students.

WHAT WE ARE FOR We are focussed on students and inclusive learning in order to:

  • achieve a quality and equitable education,
  • guarantee and protect rights,
  • encourage transformation by fostering a culture of evaluation.

OUR MISSION We are a technical body of the education administration. With proximity, honesty and professionalism ...

  • we promote quality and improvement in the education system,
  • we work to ensure rights and obligations in the educational community,
  • we provide information and advice to the public,
  • we make proposals to other educational services,
  • we provide advice and support to schools,
  • we aim to be an updated and efficient service.
… in pursuit of excellence

SOCIETY The inspectorate ...

  • Transfers to the public contrasted information on the state of the educational system,
  • Makes quality proposals for the improvement of the educational system,
  • Participates in the evaluation of the educational system and the elements that make it up,
  • From the pedagogical and organizational point of view, supervises and controls the running of schools, the teaching programs, the teaching activity and the managerial function,
  • Monitors compliance with current laws, regulations and other provisions that affect the educational matters of schools,
  • Ensures compliance and application of the principles and values contained in educational regulations,
  • Advises, guides and informs all the different sectors of the educational community in the fulfilment of their rights and duties,
... to ensure an equitable and quality education, focused on students.

STUDENTSThe inspectorate works at your school:

  • to ensure it is a safe environment and that the school coexistence is adequate,
  • so that you are listened to and you have open channels for your participation and communication,
  • to collaborate you acquire the skills you need to face your challenges,
  • so that you have an objective evaluation and your effort is recognized,
  • so that your identity is respected,
  • so that you receive academic and personal guidance,
  • so that you fulfil your duties,
  • so that you receive an adequate response to the difficulties you may encounter in your educational process,
  • so that you have equal opportunities in the different educational administrative procedures, such as admission and schooling processes.
... to ensure an equitable and quality education, focused on you.

OTHER ENTITIES The Inspectorate collaborates with other institutions to guarantee the protection and well-being of students (Child Protection Services of Local Councils, Health Department, Women's Office, police, town halls, Ombudsman, …) ... to ensure an equitable and quality education, focused on students.