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Searching for information on the internet

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Search enginesand browsers

Searching for information on the internet

Searching for a professional contact




Which one to choose and why ?

1. Search engines and browsers

There are many different search engines on the internet ! All of them will permit you searching information, but each off them has its specificity. There are 3 main categories of search engines : - The leaders - The safe - The ecological

A search engine

A browser


Search engines and browsers

A browser is software that allows you to consult websites. Not to be confused with the search engine! A browser is a software that displays web pages, while a search engine is a website that helps users to find information on web pages.

The browser is already installed by default on your computer, phone or tablet. We will see later how to change your default browser or how to install another one.

A search engine is a tool that allows you to search for information on the web based on keywords.

Some different search engines

Change your default search engine on Google Chrome

Change your default search engine on Safari

Change your default search engine on Mozilla FireFox

The leaders

- Google - BING - Yahoo

The secure

- DuckDuckGo- QWANT- Search Encrypt

The ecological

- Ecosia - Lilo- Ecogine

Change your default search engine on Microsoft Edge

Search engines and browsers

Focus on Google

Tools and parameters

You can change search settings such as the language, the region, block explicit content or automatic popular searches.

You can also make an advanced reaserch.

Finally, you can use the tools to find the most current results and the type of results

Search engines and browsers

The different browsers on the internet


Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

How to change your default browser.

To add a new browser, all you have to do is write its name in your search engine + download

Search engines and browsers

Safari is a web browser for Mac and iOS developed by Apple in 2003

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google since 2008, running on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser available for PC and mobile, developed and distributed by the Mozilla Foundation since 2003, with the help of thousands of volunteers.

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by the American company Microsoft since 2015. It was designed to replace Internet Explorer. Edge is installed by default with Windows, and is also available on MacOS, as well as on mobile with Android and IOS versions.


Search enginesand browsers

Searching for information on the internet

Searching for a professional contact




2. Searching for an information on the internet

To formulate a relevant search on the internet, you must use keywords to be more accurate.

The order of the words affects the search. The first words will be used for the global search. The keywords added at the end will allow to refine the search.

There is no need to formulate an entire sentence.

Efficency of the search with sentences

Efficency of the search with keywords


You are searching for a definition.

Cooperative + definition

You are searching for a conversion.

Dollars in euros

You want to refine a search.

What is the best search engine ? > Best search engine > Best search engine + World / France / .... > Best search engine + France + secure

Searching for information on the internet

Some platforms and tools allow you to search for specific information by category.

Use the appropriate platform

Searching for information on the internet

If you are searching for some news, every search engine has a specific tab "News" in which you will find the latest news as in a newspaper. You juste have to click on the third tab "News"

If you want to listen to music, it is more relevant to first go to a platform dedicated to this type of content such as Youtube for example. Once on this platform, you will be able to search for musical content and videos only, which will refine your searches.

If you are looking for a contact, then go directly to an online directory! You just have to enter "directory" in the search bar and select one where you can find the contact you need.

There are online tools that allow you to view an address on a map, or show you a route. You can go to Google Maps, Bing Maps or Qwant Maps for example.

If you want to consult the news, each search engine has a "News" tab in which you can access all the latest information online as in a paper newspaper! First enter the keyword corresponding to your search in your search engine then click on the news tab to read the results related to your search. Exemple of the "News" tab on Google.

If you want to translate a word, phrase, or even a text, there are plenty of translators out there! All you need to do is enter "translator" in your search browser first and select one. You will find many of them including the famous Google translate, Reverso, or Deepl.

How to check a source

The key elements



- Rely on recognized media

- Identify the author : is he a specialist in his field?

- Check the existence of evidences : surveys, figures, verified theories

- Reliable information relies on objectivity and do not matter of the personal opinion

- Pay attention to the date of the publication, is the information still current ?

- Compare information and sources, refer to several sites and articles on the same subject.

Searching for information on the internet

The source is the origin of an information, it designates its provenance. The source allows us to judge the reliability of the information. There are many types of sources. The source can be the name of the author, the name of an organization, the result of a study, a testimony, an anecdote... Some interesting website to check your source : - https://factuel.afp.com/ / https://www.lemonde.fr/verification/ for France - agi.it for Italy - https://www.newtral.es/ for Spain


Search enginesand browsers

Searching for information on the internet

Searching for a professional contact




3. How to find a professional contact

There are many online directories dedicated to finding professional contacts. Enter the keywords "directories + contact + professional" and choose one from the results! You will only have to enter the information of location and field of activity on the interface of the directory.

You can also use the famous professional networks




You can also go directly to the website of the company you are interested in to collect the contact information !

Searching for a professional contact

LinkedIn is a professional online social network created in 2002 in Mountain View, California. In 2019, the site claims more than 660 million members from 170 business sectors in more than 200 countries and territories

Indeed is a multi-source platform that allows all job seekers to find the most relevant offers. Likewise, it provides visibility to employers with hundreds of millions of visitors to the site. It is present in more than 60 countries and allows navigation in more than 28 languages!

Monster is part of the large international job board networks, with over a million continuous job offers, over 150 million CVs in the database and over 63 million active job seekers per month.

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