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Hi! I am Nullah, I am 14 and soon I will be able to complete my initiation to become a real Aboriginal man. But I still have some things to discover about my culture. Will you follow me on my journey?

Follow Nullah on his journey. Along the way, you will be able to collect some clues to make a word. This word is the name of the initiation tradition his grandfather will take him on.

I know everything about my ancestors' traditions of course!Playing the didgeridoo is one of them. But everything started to change when the British settlers arrived back in 1788. Let's see what you know about that!

As you know, my people would use different traditional tools to hunt for food. Find one of them in the landscape, it will lead us to the next activity.


Rappel sur USED TO: *forme affirmative: sujet + used to + BV *forme négative: sujet + did not use to + BV *forme interrogative: Aux (Did) + sujet + use to + BV

Don't forget to collect the first part of the secret word by going back to the overview of this exercise when you have finished the second task.

My ancestors believed in the Dreamtime stories to explain the world. One of the most important symbols was the snake. Find the snake and we will move on to the next step.


N'hésites pas à regarder à la p.99 de ton manuel pour t'aider.

Catch the kangarooif you can and follow him!

Now, the road is still long for the white man to fully recognize the Aboriginal heritage of the continent, but some things have already been done.

Do you have the word? Now turn the wheel to convert it into a code, W is 1... When you have the code, go on to the next page.


Try again

Let's go!


Well done! Nullah is now ready to go walkabout.

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Walkabout is a rite of passage in Australian Aboriginal society, during which males undergo a journey during adolescence, typically ages 10 to 16, and live in the wilderness for a period as long as six months to make the spiritual and traditional transition into manhood.