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How to be a Responsible Pet Owner!

TRAIN AND DISCIPLINE YOUR PET LOVINGLY Early socialisation and training are very important to ensure that pets go on to be confident and happy.

Provide a nutritious and well balanced diet Your pet can’t decide for themselves what to eat so they rely on you to make sure they get a nutritious and correct diet.

BRING YOUR PET THE VET FOR A CHECKUP WHEN NEEDED There is no excuse for not bringing your pet to a vet if it is behaving abnormal and strange. Signs to look out for is when your pet is not eating, drinking water, or behaves lethargically.

LOVE AND PROTECT YOUR PET FROM HARM Protecting your pet from harm also means pet proofing your home so that the animal cannot eat something or do something that may harm it. This also includes not placing the pet in situations which may cause it harm. E.g. If you know that eating too much of a certain food may cause health problems, then stop yourself from giving the pet that food no matter how much it begs.

SCHEDULE DEDICATED PLAY-TIME DAILY A pet is just like a child and requires attention, love and cuddles, just like you do. Even if you are busy e.g. during examination period, be mindful that you do not neglect and forget about your pet.

Clean up after your pet When you take your pet out for a walk, be sure to bring along a poop bag for cleaning up after your pet. You wouldn't be happy too to be stepping on dog poop when you are strolling in the park or on a street. Be considerate.

MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS AND PROVIDE APPROPRIATE LIVING CONDITIONS Whether you have a dog or a rabbit, a gecko or a goldfish, they all have their own environment needs. Your pet may become seriously ill if their needs aren’t met. Some pets may also require regular showers and grooming.