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Hi! I'm Nell! As you can see I'm standing in Millenium park, in Chicago. I'm on my way to job interviews because I'm looking for an odd job for the year. Will you help me get ready?

Shop assistantDo you like reading? Are you a book-lover? If so, this is the perfect odd job for you. Presence required at the weekends.Apply at the Crow Bookshop

Look at this ad I found! Let's go!

For this job, you will have to stack books on the shelves.

No problem! What else will I have to do?

Mr Lockheed needs time to think...so let's try my luck at this house. They are looking for a babysitter.

Hello Nell, I'm Mrs Rockwood. Let me ask you some questions.

Mrs Rockwood's neighbour, needs a hand in her garden. Let's try her door!

Hi Nell, do you have any experience in gardening?

If only I could work in a restaurant...

Your first job is very important, you will always remember it. I hope mine will be memorable too!

Mr Lockheed finally called me back! I've got the job!! I'm starting tomorrow. Thanks for your help!

The password for the next class is: shop assistant.