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Petra, Jordan

by George & Dan

The passage through to Petra, between two rock walls, easily accessible walking

The Treasury, rock-cut architecture, visible at the end of the Siq, here illuminated by candles at night.

(c)Tjetjep Rustandi Hellenic style amphitheater, built before the Roman occupation

Wikipedia CommonsOne of the only free-standing building in Petra

Wikipedia CommonsHike up to the Monastery and then look upon the Royal Tombs on your way down

Little Petra - home to the Painted Biclinium

Amazing facts about Petra, Jordan:

  • New Seven Wonders
  • The Royal Tombs
  • Who discovered Petra
  • A Swiss explorer called Johann Ludwig Burckhardt discovered Petra in 1812. Because it was an unknown metropolitan for around 5 centuries, it is also called the ‘Lost City’.