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Digital Storytelling

The art of thrilling your audience through a screen

What is digital storytelling? The magic of digital storytelling is that anyone at any time and in any situation can create their content and tell their story. The structure of digital storytelling contains more or less the same elements as all narratives: There is an audience, a narrator, and a plot. The plot will revolve around a conflict and will have one or more protagonists. The differences arise when applying new technologies. Digital media multiplies the broadcast channels and content formats that can be included. In addition, there are other nuances of the digital world, as we will see below.

Applications and benefits of digital storytelling Digital storytelling is useful whenever you have the goal of telling a story or presenting an idea, getting the audience's attention, and getting the audience excited. It’s especially noteworthy for its use in education and marketing. It is important to understand that storytelling is not a content format, but an ingredient that has the ability to transform content and make it much more effective for the purpose it has been created for. Storytelling can be an element of any content, even if it is not narrative content. It can function as a guiding thread of a didactic unit, an infographic, an educational video...

What is digital storytelling? It is the practice of using digital tools and media to tell stories. Digital storytelling can combine different formats such as text, images, interactive elements, video, and audio. Interactive elements are a key vehicle for fundamentally impacting narrative through digital technology. Through the addition of interactivity, telling a story ceases to be an act of one-way communication, and instead becomes an active, participatory, and much richer experience for those who consume the content.

How to use digital storytelling with Genially Genially integrates with your favorite tools and leading content platforms so you can easily insert all the content formats you need to tell your story into your creation. Images, video, audio, maps, social media posts… whatever you want! Interactivity is one of the most powerful parts of digital storytelling. With Genially, you can create interactive content quickly and easily. You can empower your audience to participate effectively by creating pieces of content that invite them to explore. You'll also find thousands of templates ready to include your storytelling, for both educational and marketing purposes or video marketing: infographic, gamification, presentations…

How do you apply digital storytelling to education? Or, encourage students to create their own content and become protagonists in their own stories. This second approach can be even more powerful, as it allows students to gain self-confidence, learn to communicate, improve their writing, and acquire skills in the handling of digital tools. In addition, the process enhances empathy among the students and their ability to work as a team. Moreover, their understanding of the topic with which they are practicing storytelling will be much deeper. It's worth a try, don't you think?

How do you apply digital storytelling to education? Include it when creating your educational content. Turn any content into a story, and you'll have your students motivated and hanging on to your words. Digital storytelling engages and allows you to create a learning environment that helps to enhance the connection between the teacher and the students.