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Mathematics beauty

project eTwinning

The project was based on the realization of curricular activities, which aim at developing students' skills in the field of mathematics, language, art.Students explored the beauty of mathematics in various aspects of life. They applied some math topics in their daily lives.The aim was to improve students' motivation and encourage creativity.

Project Overview

Schools Participants

Dragica BožićBosnia-Hertegovina

Burcu Ünal SolmazTurkey

Aliona BeșliuRepublic of Moldova

Sophie DUPONTFrance

Alina Stefania LazarRomânia

Tuğba VarolTurkey

Elena Georgiana CituRomânia

Cojocari LudmilaRepublic of Moldova

Participating teachers:

Getting to know Each other

In our project, There are 3 pages for Presenting ourselves: - The first page for: Teacher Presentation -The second page for : Pupils Presentation - The third page for: School forum

Presentation of the school, the city.

The perimeter and the area of my class / my school

Percentages in Kitchen Recipes

Percentages in Kitchen Recipes

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!

The students created the mathematical glossary of the project

Mathematical glossary

eTwinning events

eTwinning events

Communication has been a constant element of the project and it has fostered collaboration. It has allowed to implement the activities in the involved schools at the same time and to achieve the planned learning outcomes with great satisfaction for both students and teachers. During the implementation of the project the partner teachers have communicated through:

Communication between all the partners

Example of Project Journal

Example of Teachers Bulletin

Example of Twinmail

The Twinspace of the project through the Twinmail, the Teacher Bulletin or the Project Journal wheter it is to ask for clarificationn, share students' activities, plan for activities or live events, to agree on the kind of products the students had to focus on, to ask confirmation on how to proceed or interact with other teachers.

The Forums allowed both the students and the teachers to interact with each other through a fun icebreaking activity.

WhatsApp was used when an urgent information or answer was needed.

Parent survey results

Survey results for students

Survey results for teachers



Thanks for your collaboration!