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8 Platforms for eLearning & Remote Learning

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8 Platforms

for eLearning & Remote Learning

Moodle Moodle is the most popular LMS (An LMS is a learning management system, a platform used to manage the learning activity of a school or organization). It was created in 2002 by Martin Dougiamas, who besides being a computer scientist, is also an educationalist, and his interface was developed by a team of psychologists and teaching experts. Moodle is based on constructivism, a process of dynamic, participatory and interactive teaching. It’s very useful in distance education, as it allows you to create a virtual social community.

Genially Genially is the digital tool for creating amazing interactive visual content quickly and easily. At Genially, there are thousands of templates and resources of various themes, with which it is very easy to create all kinds of educational content: infographic, presentations, mental maps, breakouts, headings, certificates, calendars, and more. Genially takes full advantage of Interactive Visual Communication. Because the educational content created with Genially is interactive and visual, it is much more effective at capturing student attention, gaining participation, and making learning fun and memorable.

Canvas Canvas is used in thousands of schools and universities to create online courses. Perhaps its strength is its advanced interface, which provides better usability than other tools.This tool provides a variety of functions to manage the educational community. Faculty can create courses and add all kinds of content to support student learning. Yes, you can also insert your geniallys here! Each teacher will be able to be aware of the students who access the courses, and evaluate their progress and adaptation, as well as communicate through the platform itself.

Google Classroom It’s the Google tool of choice for managing online classes. It allows for more efficient processes, encourages collaborative learning, and boosts communication between faculty and students. Faculty can create classes, assign tasks, send comments, and view all information in one place, among many other options. The classroom is completely free for schools and is included in the G Suite for Education package. It’s enough to have a free Gmail account to access Classroom. In addition, the shared space can be accessed from any device.

Khan Academy A basic for distance learning is Khan Academy, which has become one of the most well-known organizations of this kind. It stands out for its diverse offerings in mathematics, science, and economics. You'll find that even the most difficult subjects are much easier on this platform thanks to their super entertaining videos and resources.

Edmodo It’s an educational network with more than 80 million users that allows the connection between teachers and students. Through the application, each teacher can share content, texts, videos and assignments with their class. Edmodo makes it easy to share ideas, problems and helpful tips. The teacher will also be able to assign and grade the work in Edmodo, while each student can get help from the whole class.

Flipgrid Flipgrid allows video discussions on a proposed topic and is very successful among students. The teacher proposes a topic, and the students participate with their answers, interacting immediately while recording their own videos. What do you want to discuss? You can record a video, add a picture, write a question, or insert a genially. Flipgrid is available for free on both iOS and Android. It’s a great tool to energize the classroom and enhance student interaction.

Additio From planning lessons to assigning grades, Additio App centralizes the management of your classes into a simple, easy-to-use mobile application. Used in more than 30,000 schools worldwide, this tool allows you to create a journal of classes focused on programming and didactic development. It functions like a notebook where it’s possible to store and manage everything that a teacher needs to develop their classes and evaluate their students with ease. Additio App helps teachers solve class planning and organization problems. It also makes the relationship between teachers more fluid, enhancing collaboration and content sharing.