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António Vieira

Priest António Vieira

Erasmus+ 2020/2021

Preaching Equality Amongst Men

Priest António Vieira

Preaching Equality Amongst Men

OCCUPATION: Jesuist Priest, writer, orator, philosopherDATE OF BIRTH: 6th February 1608DEATH: 18th July 1697 PLACE OF BIRTH: Lisbon

António Vieira´s sermons are the main expression of baroque in the Portuguese language and literature. He was important to both Portuguese and Brazilian History. He wrote about 200 sermons. His works provide a valuable testimony of the 17th-century world.

António Vieira was born in Lisbon in 1608, a son of Cristóvão Vieira and Maria Azevedo.

In 1614 he moved to Brazil with his parents due to his father's job as a registrar of the crown.


He attended the Jesuits' College in Bahia (Brazil).At the age of 18 he was teaching rethoric and theology in Olinda.


Vieira's talents impressed the Portuguese King John IV so much that he was appointed tutor to the Prince, royal preacher and a member of the royal council.

In 1647 Vieira began his career as a diplomat, having visited England, France, The Netherlands and Italy.

His success, freedom of speech and reforming ideas made him many enemies, as a consequence he was advised to return to Brazil.

In 1653 he arrived in Maranhão (Brazil) where he tried to convert, but also protect the African slaves and native Indians.

Due to his beliefs he was persecuted by the Inquisition and imprisioned (1665-1667).

In June 1654 he went to Lisbon to plead for the Indians. The following year he got the King to forbid the enslavement of the native people under the missions of the Jesuits.

After recovering his prestige, he went to Rome.Vieira had great influence on the Pope Innocent XI who suspended the Inquisition in Portugal from 1674 to 1681.

In 1681 he embarked for Bahia (Brazil) where he spent his latter years revising his sermons and governing the province.

On 18th July 1697 Priest António Vieira died in Salvador, Bahia.In 1897 the priest was canonized on the anniversary of his death.